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Combined Municipal Campaign

Combined Municipal Campaign The Combined Municipal Campaign (CMC) makes it possible for New York City employees to give to their favorite charities through easy payroll deductions. Whether you contribute to international organizations or community centers in your own neighborhood, the combined contributions from employees in all NYC agencies add up and make a difference.

How CMC Works
CMC supports over 950 non-profit health and human service organizations. Health care, literacy instruction, drug counseling, vocational training, AIDS prevention, and emergency relief are just a few of the services that are supported by the CMC.

The City's Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) administers CMC, and the United Way of New York City serves as the campaign manager. 93% of your contribution goes directly to non-profit agencies.

You may choose to contribute what you can afford to as many as five different participating organizations, or you may choose to contribute to all participating organizations. To help you choose, during its annual campaign, CMC distributes a brochure in which the missions of participating organizations are described.

Making a Contribution
Payroll deductions generally begin with the first pay period in January, but you can start at any time by submitting the CMC pledge card to your Payroll Office. You can obtain a brochure and pledge card from your agency CMC coordinator or download it here. In addition:

  • Your pledge will be renewed automatically at the beginning of each year so you don't have to complete a pledge card every year.
  • You may cancel or redirect your pledge at any time by notifying your payroll office.
  • If you transfer to another agency, your donations will stop and you will have to submit a new pledge card at your new agency.
  • Your contributions are tax-deductible.
  • You can determine your annual contribution by referring to your pay statement.

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