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Direct Deposit

The Benefits of Direct Deposit

Over 80% of employees paid by the Payroll Management System have their net pay electronically deposited into their bank accounts. This percentage continues to grow every year as more and more employees realize that direct deposit is the safer, faster, and smarter way to get paid.

Direct Deposit LogoWhen you enroll in direct deposit, your net pay is transferred electronically to your bank account. In addition:

  • Your pay is available as cash on pay day
  • You don't have to worry about lost or stolen paychecks any more
  • You don't have to waste time standing in line to cash or deposit your check
  • If you have an interest-bearing account, your pay may begin to earn interest right away, depending on your bank
  • Avoid check cashing fees

With direct deposit, you can be confident that your pay is deposited into your account on time and correctly.
Learn more on NYC Direct Deposit website

Enroll in the Direct Deposit Program

To enroll in the program, go to NYCAPS Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Alternately, complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment form. If you wish to link your Checking account to Direct Deposit, attach a voided check to the enrollment form as proof of your bank’s ABA number and your Checking account number (the ABA number is the first nine numbers prior to the account number at the bottom left corner of the check). To have your pay deposited into your Savings account, please contact your bank for your ABA number. Sign the form and submit it to your Payroll Office. Depending on when the form is processed, your direct deposit will start within one or two pay periods. You can change your financial institution, designate a different account, or cancel direct deposit at any time by using the same form.

Once you are enrolled in direct deposit, you will access your pay statement through NYCAPS Employee Self-Service (ESS) documenting your gross and net pay along with your tax withholding and other deductions.

See the Pay FAQs


Download PDF forms: 

Direct Deposit New Enrollment Form - NYC Employees Only
Direct Deposit New Enrollment Form - NYCAPS Agencies Only
Direct Deposit New Enrollment Form - CUNY Employees Only
Direct Deposit Enroll/Change/Cancel Form

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