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OMB - Office of Management and Budget - The City of New York
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About OMB
New York City Budget Cycle

  • New Fiscal Year begins.
  • Community Boards release their budget priorities to the Mayor and Borough Presidents.

  • 15th September
    Mayor submits Capital Commitment Plan.
  • 1st November
    Comptroller’s Report on Actual Revenues for Previous Year.

  • Draft 10-Year Capital Strategy by City Planning Commission (CPC) and OMB (Even Years).
  • By the 16th January
    Mayor releases preliminary Budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

  • 1/16th to 2/15th
    Community Board review of Preliminary Budget.
  • By the 25th February
    Borough Boards submit their priorities to the Mayor and City Council.

  • 10th March
    City Council submission of the Operating Budget of the Council.

  • Borough President’s recommendation on the Preliminary Budget.

  • By the 25th March
    City Council Preliminary Budget hearings and recommendations.
  • 26th April
    Mayor’s submission of 10 Year Capital Strategy (Odd Years).

  • Mayor’s Executive Budget and Message submitted.

  • Expense and Capital Budget Borough allocation recalculated.
  • 6th to 25th May
    City Council hearings on the Executive Budget.
  • 5th June
    Budget Adopted, Tax Fixing Resolutions.

  • 30th June
    Last day of current Fiscal Year.

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