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Date: Monday, September 13, 1999

Release #356-99

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Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani today released the second Strategic Policy Statement of his Administration - a document that presents an ambitious set of goals for the future and the strategies for realizing them. Building on the successes over the past five years, this Strategic Policy Statement covers nine key policy areas: public safety; education; welfare; jobs and the economy; protecting children; the environment; leaner, more efficient government; diversity; and the physical city.

Under the Giuliani Administration, which began in 1994, the City has been enjoying a renaissance: tourism has been at record highs; crime has been reduced dramatically; and the public assistance rolls, the city's tax burden and government employment have all been decreased. Today's Strategic Policy Statement outlines policy goals to build on these successes.

"Five years ago, this Administration released its first Strategic Policy Statement - a document that outlined City government's priorities for the coming years, as well as the steps to be taken to help ensure our priorities became reality," Mayor Giuliani said. "More than a few people said our goals could not be reached but as we release our second Strategic Policy Statement, we can see that our ambition has paid off.

"Our first priority was to improve public safety dramatically. The City, known five years ago for out of control crime and disorder, is now the safest large city in America. We have recovered all the jobs lost in the last recession-- more than 300,000-- and posted the strongest two-year job growth in recorded history. We transformed the City's welfare offices into Job Centers, and now more than a half-million people have left the welfare rolls for the dignity of independence. We realized these goals but there is more that can be done."

"Today, I am pleased to release our second Strategic Policy Statement. This Statement, is not only a blueprint for change, like the first, but also a plan to make our accomplishments lasting," the Mayor concluded.

Joseph B. Rose, Chairman of the City Planning Commission, said, "Five years ago, this Administration listed eight key objectives that many people said were not doable. This Mayor has proven otherwise and transformed the City. We have similarly outlined an ambitious agenda to guide the City well into the next century."

The Strategic Policy Statement objectives are as follows:

First issued in 1994, the Strategic Policy Statement is a document that sets out the framework and objectives for making programmatic and policy decisions essential to the City's short- and long-term future.

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