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Date: July 11, 1997

Release #417-97

Contact: Colleen Roche (212) 788-2958


Remarks by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani at Public Hearing on Local Laws

The next bill before me, Introductory Number 976, sponsored by Council Members Fisher, Robles, Berman, Eisland and six of their colleagues, would add, through the posting of an additional sign, the name "Harvey L. Strelzin Street", to Heyword Street between Bedford Avenue and Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn.

Harvey L. Strelzin was born on July 19, 1906 and raised in Brooklyn. Mr. Strelzin attended the College of the City of New York, Brooklyn Law School and New York Law School, where he earned his Doctor of Juridical Science. Mr. Strelzin served as an Assistant Attorney General and in 1968, was elected to the New York State Assembly for District 57 in Kings County. He served in that position from 1969 to 1980. Mr. Strelzin was a lecturer at Brooklyn College and a professor of law at New York Law School. Throughout his life, he was a strong advocate for services to the elderly. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies and of the Israel Bond Drives.

Harvey Strelzin died on December 8, 1993. He is survived by his wife, Marie, and their four children, Lynn, Paul Jay, Janyce and Adrienne.

In recognition of the work and life of Harvey L. Strelzin, it is fitting that Heyword Street between Bedford Avenue and Wythe Avenue be named "Harvey L. Strelzin Street."

I will first turn to the bill's sponsors and then to any other elected official wishing to be heard.

There being no one else to be heard, and for the reasons stated previously, I will now sign this bill.

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