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Date: May 22, 1997

Release #288-97

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Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani today announced a key appointment in City Hall. Randy L. Levine will become Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Planning and Administration.

Mr. Levine will assume responsibility for ensuring a coordinated effort with respect to the economic development policies of the Administration, including oversight of the Economic Development Corporation and for the comprehensive planning efforts of the Administration led by the Department of City Planning and the City Planning Commission. In addition, Mr. Levine will oversee the administrative operations of City Hall.

In making this announcement, Mayor Giuliani said, "The City is fortunate to have Randy, who has demonstrated time and time again his exceptional ability and effectiveness as a manager. He was able to represent the City effectively, and at the same time continue good working relationships with the City Unions."

As the City's Labor Commissioner, Randy was the architect of the City's labor policy and the successful negotiation of labor contracts for the first three years of the Administration. In addition, Mr. Levine also mediated, to successful resolution, labor disputes involving the Hotel industry, Commercial Real Estate industry and the Broadcast industry.

As the Chief Negotiator for Major League Baseball, Levine concluded an historic contract with the Players Association that brought to an end four-and-a- half years of labor conflict in Major League Baseball.

The Mayor said, "That agreement alone clearly demonstrates that Levine has the ability to get things done."

Levine will continue as consultant to the Player Relations Committee and recuse himself from any matter involving the Mets, Yankees or Major League Baseball that involves the City of New York. This move will be done in accordance with the rules set forth by the Conflict of Interest Board.

Levine graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor's degree and received his J.D. from the Hofstra University School of Law. Prior to serving as Labor Commissioner, he was a partner at the New York law firm of Proskauer, Rose, Goetz, and Mendelsohn and served as Associate Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Associate Attorney General at the US Department of Justice, where he received several outstanding achievement awards. During the Bush Administration Levine also served as a member of the U.S. delegation at the first US Mexico Labor Law Conference.

Levine is married to Mindy Dale Franklin. They reside in Manhattan with their two yellow Labrador Retrievers, Mr. Reid and Vesper. Levine is 42 years old and will earn $138,000 per year.

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