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PR- 141-13
April 23, 2013


Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

“The first four of six bills before me today ease regulatory burdens on the City’s small businesses and represent recommendations of the City’s Regulatory Review Panel established by our Administration and the City Council to scrutinize City regulations and how they are developed and make recommendations to recast them, eliminate unnecessary obstacles that hinder business growth, and enhance public participation in rulemaking.

“Introductory Number 949-A is sponsored by Council Members Reyna, Comrie, Koo, Mendez, Rose, Wills, Vallone, Gentile, Arroyo, Levin, Dromm, Eugene, King, Rodriguez, Barron, Gennaro, Greenfield, Jackson, Lander, Williams and Halloran.  This bill requires a number of City agencies to engage in a review of the violations they issue to determine if opportunities exist for businesses owners to correct violations before they are assessed, otherwise known as a cure period, and issue a report to the Mayor and Speaker on their findings in one hundred and twenty days.

“Introductory Number 941-A is sponsored by Brewer, Jackson, Chin, Gentile, Gonzalez, James, Koo, Koppell, Mendez, Palma, Recchia, Rose, Williams, Lappin, Arroyo, Vallone, Reyna, Levin, Dromm, Van Bramer, Barron, Eugene, Gennaro, Greenfield and Ulrich.  This bill requires the Mayor’s Office of Operations to develop a standardized customer service training curriculum for agencies to use in training their inspectors.

“Introductory Number 942-A is sponsored by Council Members Comrie, Arroyo, Gentile, James, Koo, Palma, Rose, Williams, Vallone, Reyna, Levin, Dromm, Eugene, King, Rodriguez, Barron, Gennaro and Greenfield.  This bill requires a number of agencies to designate a liaison to work with the communities they regulate.

“Introductory Number 956 is sponsored by Council Members Koslowitz, Barron, Chin, Fidler, Gentile, James, Gonzalez, Koo, Rose, Van Bramer, Williams, Wills, Rodriguez, Vallone, Reyna, Arroyo, Dromm, Eugene, Gennaro, Greenfield, Jackson and Ulrich.  This bill requires business owners and managers to receive a physical copy of the business owner’s bill of rights where practicable required by the City to be developed and distributed pursuant to Local Law 18 of 2010.

“I would like to thank Liz Weinstein, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations and Tokumbo Shobowale, Chief Business Operations Officer and the agencies who participated in this effort along with my Office of City Legislative Affairs for their work on these bills.  I would also like to thank the City Council for approving this legislation.”


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