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PR- 371-12
October 25, 2012


Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

“The first four of eight bills before me today concern the use of bicycles for commercial purposes.  Existing law already requires that operators of bicycles used for commercial purposes are properly identified and kept safe.  The following bills will further ensure the safety of operators and those who traverse the City’s streets and sidewalks.

“Introductory Number 683-A, sponsored by Council Members Van Bramer, Ferreras, Gentile, James, Koppell, Koslowitz, Rose, Williams, Nelson, Greenfield, Koo, Brewer, Garodnick, Lappin, Rodriguez, Barron, Crowley, Dickens, Gennaro and Jackson requires retro-reflective apparel for commercial cyclists, which will help make them more visible to pedestrians, especially at night.  In addition the bill requires that the reflective apparel identify the business on whose behalf the operator is making deliveries which will assist the public in holding the business accountable if its operators do not comply with traffic laws while making deliveries.

“Introductory Number 783-A, sponsored by Council Members Vacca, Ferreras, Gentile, Jackson, James, Koo, Koslowitz, Mendez, Van Bramer, Williams, Rodriguez, Brewer, Koppell, Rose, Garodnick, Lappin, Barron, Crowley, Dickens, Eugene and Gennaro requires that commercial cyclists complete a bicycle safety course provided by the Department of Transportation prior to operating a bicycle on behalf of a business.

“Introductory Number 896-A, sponsored by Council Members Brewer, Vacca, Garodnick, Lappin, Chin, Comrie, Gentile, Koo, Koppell, Koslowitz, Mendez, Rose, Rodriguez, Van Bramer, Barron, Crowley, Dickens, Jackson, Williams and Gennaro gives the Transportation Department the authority to enforce provisions of the commercial cycling law in addition to the Police Department and any other person authorized by law.  

“Finally Introductory Number 910-A, sponsored by Council Members Vacca, Brewer, Garodnick, Lappin, Chin, Koo, Koslowitz, Mendez, Wills, Rodriguez, Van Bramer, Koppell, Dickens, Gennaro, Gentile, Jackson and Williams strengthens enforcement against commercial cyclists.  Specifically, the bill revises identification requirements for commercial cyclists, requires businesses to keep a roster of cyclists employed and adds a civil penalty in addition to the existing criminal penalty for violating the law.

“I would like to thank Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Assistant Commissioner Kate Slevin, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and their staff for their work on this bill along with my Office of City Legislative Affairs.  I would also like to thank the City Council for approving this legislation.”


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