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PR- 131-12
April 15, 2012


The following is the text of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s weekly radio address as prepared for delivery on 1010 WINS News Radio for Sunday, April 15, 2012.

“Good Morning. This is Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

“New Yorkers know what a great city this is to live, work and do business in. And the rest of the world is getting the message, too. Last year, we welcomed a record 50.5 million visitors – surpassing our accelerated target a full year ahead of schedule.We’ve set a new goal of attracting 55 million visitors by 2015. New York’s aviation industry is key to making that happen. And this month, two of the industry’s giants – JetBlue and Delta Airlines – made major investments that show just how confident they are in our city’s future.

“On April 4th, JetBlue opened its new headquarters in Long Island City. It will be staffed by approximately 1,000 JetBlue “crew members,” including 100 relocating from Connecticut. Other cities tried to lure Jet Blue away from New York – but the company decided that we were the best place to do business. Our investment in their new home neighborhood of Long Island City shows why. For years, people have talked about that area’s bright future as New York’s next great central business district. But our Administration didn’t just talk; we invested, including a $45 million refurbishing of Queens Plaza that has lured restaurants, hotels, cultural attractions, and businesses that have transformed this former industrial zone. And JetBlue’s arrival says clearly that the future of Long Island City is now. JetBlue is already the largest domestic carrier at Kennedy Airport. And this summer, the airline is going to double its operations at La Guardia.

“Delta is casting a similar vote of confidence in New York. On Tuesday, I helped celebrate an historic increase in that airline’s domestic service at La Guardia. When it’s completed this summer, it will add 100 new daily flights to and from our city, as well as bring in 700 new Delta jobs. The expansion will create 135 construction jobs, too. And Delta is greatly expanding its international service at Kennedy Airport, too.

“Our Administration has worked hard to boost our growing aviation sector, investing some $1.4 billion in airport improvements. Those investments have led to more jobs and more economic activity. Today, more than 68,000 people work at the three major airports that serve our city – an increase of more than 8,300 jobs since the start of our Administration. The number of passengers has jumped, too, from 81 million in 2002 to 105 million last year. And together, the three airports generate $65 billion in economic activity each year.

“We want even more people to travel to New York, and we’re getting some high- profile help to make that happen. On Friday, I joined NYC & Company to thank Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and the entire Muppets team at Walt Disney for agreeing to be our city’s ‘family ambassadors’ for the next 12 months. They’ll lead a campaign to remind the world that New York is the best place to visit for family fun.

“With JetBlue’s and Delta’s continued investment, and the Muppets’ help, we’re confident New York will remain America’s number one travel destination for years to come.

“This is Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Thanks for listening.”


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