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March 7, 2012


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that Chief Procurement Officer and Director of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services Marla G. Simpson will leave city government to become the Executive Director of Brooklyn Community Services. As a senior member of the Bloomberg Administration since 2003, Simpson spearheaded a number of reforms to better manage how the City purchases services and supplies. Simpson’s initiatives streamlined procurement practices and helped modernize the City’s procurement data, making it transparent and more accessible to the public. Simpson is expected to assume her new role with Brooklyn Community Services next month. 

“Marla’s exceptional leadership has brought efficiency and transparency to some of our most essential operations,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Her commitment to public service has inspired professionalism, innovation and accountability, and her valuable contributions will continue to benefit the City beyond this Administration. I am confident that Marla will continue her outstanding work with Brooklyn Community Services.”

“I’ve been very proud to be a part of this Administration, as the Mayor has continued to challenge all of us to do more to improve services and quality of life for all New Yorkers,” said Simpson. “Our team at Contract Services has really risen to that challenge, working to be sure that City procurement creates economic opportunities, generates good-paying jobs and provides high quality public services throughout our City.  As a proud resident of Brooklyn, I look forward to joining one of our City’s premier social service organizations, where I hope to continue to apply those same values to serve my community.”

“Marla’s integrity, creativity, and hard work have been essential to delivering critical goods and services to New Yorkers for nearly a decade,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway.  “She has built a team dedicated to ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the City’s contracting process, and though she will be greatly missed, she has strengthened and improved that process in ways that will continue to serve New Yorkers for many years to come.”

“BCS is proud that Ms. Simpson will be its new Executive Director,” said Aaron Dean, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brooklyn Community Services. “The Board is confident that under her leadership,  BCS will continue its role as one of Brooklyn's premier social services agencies, and that we will identify new opportunities to serve the borough of Brooklyn and engage its residents in increasing support for BCS.”

As Chief Procurement Officer and Director of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, Simpson has managed the City’s essential purchases in areas ranging from public works construction to nonprofit client service programs. She’s partnered with commissioners across City agencies, human services providers, business groups, civic organizations and unions to promote better contract practices, enhance oversight and improve service delivery.  Simpson developed innovative capacity-building and technical assistance programs to support the City’s nonprofit service partners; crafted and implemented the City’s groundbreaking public disclosure database, aimed at limiting the influence of entities and persons doing business with the City in campaigns; developed a rigorous vetting process to ensure that member item funds went to qualified organizations; and produced the nation’s most detailed municipal analysis on how the City contracts services.

Prior to joining the Bloomberg Administration, Simpson served as Section Chief in the Charities Bureau of the Office of the New York State Attorney General and received the Lefkowitz Memorial Award for her exceptional service.  She co-led the office’s work with the charities responding to the September 11th tragedy, and was lead counsel on several complex nonprofit restructurings, including the Reader’s Digest Wallace Funds and Hale House.  Simpson also served as Director of Government and Community Relations at Brooklyn College, and as Counsel, Operations and Planning Director for the Manhattan Borough President’s Office.   A graduate of Michigan State University, she earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan.  

With 146 years of service and programs in 17 Brooklyn locations, Brooklyn Community Services serves more than 10,000 people each year.  BCS is committed to helping children and youth achieve their full potential, strengthening families, and fostering self-sufficiency in adults with disabilities.  The organization's array of human services includes vocational training and job placement; social support and mental health services for persons with disabilities; family support and early childhood education services such as family preservation, group and family child care, and educationally focused after school programs.


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