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PR- 080-11
March 13, 2011


The Following are Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s Remarks as Delivered at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn this Morning:

“Well, good morning. I am joined here today by Police Commissioner Kelly; Chief of Department Joe Esposito; Chief of Patrol Jim Hall; Assistant Chief Jerry Nelson, the Chief of Brooklyn North; Deputy Chief Larry Nikunen, Commanding Officer of the Detective Bureau Manhattan Bureau; Inspector Vincent DiDonato, the Executive Officer of Brooklyn Detectives; and Pat Lynch, President of the PBA.

“We’re here, again, at one of our City’s great hospitals this morning once again because what appeared to be a routine domestic violence call early this morning became anything but routine, and a decorated Officer Alain Schaberger fell about nine feet to his immediate death in front of a Brooklyn home.

“Officer Schaberger entered the NYPD academy on July 2, 2001 and three months later when the City’s command center crumbled and the team moved into the Police Academy in Gramercy Park.  The men and women of the July ’01 class moved out into our City out on the streets and the sidewalks of our wounded City the cadets guarded checkpoints, helped family members who came to Ground Zero try and cope with their horrific losses, and learned fast what honor and sacrifice mean in the service to the people of New York City. 

“Officer Schaberger was one of them, and this morning he and his family made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our City safe. Like so many of the men and women of our uniformed services Officer Schaberger served our nation before serving our City. He was in the US Navy from 1991 to 1995. I met with Officer Schaberger girlfriend here at Lutheran and I spoke to his father Paul this morning.

“Commissioner Kelly will run you through the details in a minute. But before he does I just wanted to say this: post 9/11, many openly feared that this City’s greatest days were behind us, and in particular that the historic gains that we made against crime would soon be erased.  Because of the men and women of the NYPD and their partners in law enforcement, that really has not been the case. 

“Crime has fallen roughly another 40 percent, and the last three years have been the three safest in our City’s history. And that’s significantly partly because the Police Department because Yolanda Jimenez our City’s Domestic Violence Commissioner, and countless others who have worked to break down the walls surrounding Domestic Violence in our city. Officer Schaberger was answering a domestic violence call when he fell down the step.

“We’ve widely expanded the number of people, the kinds of relationships, and the types of abuse covered by tough domestic violence laws. We’ve harnessed new and better technology, and we’ve created Family Justice Centers that bring victims to one place to access a wide range of services across City and State agencies. 

“But, fundamentally, all too often it comes down what it did today to a victim, a perpetrator with a long history of violence, and brave police officers. That’s what happened this morning, and Allen Schaberger gave his life trying to save another’s.”


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