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PR- 448-10
October 28, 2010


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

"The four bills before me today - Introductory Numbers 263-A, 264-A, 268-A, and 271-A - will take significant strides to reduce the waste of drinking water and to promote New York City tap water as a inexpensive, healthy, and sustainable alternative to bottled water and sugary drinks.  These bills also act upon recommendations of the Green Codes Task Force, which the Urban Green Council established in 2008 by the request of Speaker Christine Quinn and myself to make recommendations for construction code amendments that could improve the sustainability of the City's built environment.

"Introductory Number 263-A, sponsored by Council Members Dickens, Brewer, Comrie, Foster, James, Lander, Williams, Mark-Viverito, Lappin, Garodnick, Arroyo, Rodriguez, Van Bramer, Gennaro, Levin, Jackson, Chin, Eugene, Greenfield, Koppell and Koo, prohibits the use of potable water in once-through cooling systems in refrigeration equipment, such as those in large ice-making machines and walk-in coolers.  These systems use potable water once to cool equipment before dumping the water back into the sewer and are 40 times more wasteful than alternative cooling water recirculation systems.

"Introductory Number 264-A, sponsored by Council Members Eugene, Foster, James, Lander, Palma, Mark-Viverito, Nelson, Garodnick, Recchia, Arroyo, Rodriguez, Van Bramer, Gennaro, Lappin, Williams, Jackson and Levin, will require all new water fountains to include a spout designed for filling bottles.  This bill also discontinues a practice that allows a 50% reduction of required water fountains when bottled water coolers are provided and replaces it with the same allowance if additional tap-water filling devices are installed, such as sinks or filtration systems.

"Introductory Number 268-A, sponsored by Council Members Lander, Barron, Brewer, Chin, Vann, Williams, Mark-Viverito, Lappin, Nelson, Garodnick, Recchia, Arroyo, Rodriguez, Van Bramer, Gennaro, Jackson, Levin, Eugene, Greenfield, Koppell and Koo, will require the installation of submeters on large water systems, such as boilers and swimming pools, and high-water-level alarms on rooftop water tanks. 

"Introductory Number 271-A, sponsored by Council Members Lappin, Brewer, Gonzalez, Lander, Recchia, Van Bramer, Vann, Williams, Garodnick, Arroyo, Mark-Viverito, Rodriguez, Gennaro, Jackson, Levin, Chin, Eugene, Koppell and Koo, will establish stricter efficiency standards, in line with the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense program, for showerheads, toilets, and urinals.  This bill also allows for the installation of 'dual-flush' toilets.

"I would like to thank Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability Director David Bragdon, Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway, and their staff along with my Office of City Legislative Affairs for working with the Council on these bills.  I would also like to thank the Council for approving this legislation."


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