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PR- 331-10
July 29, 2010


Statement of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg:

“Flushing is one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods not just in New York City but in the world, and today marks a major milestone in our efforts to build on that vibrancy and position Flushing for long-term economic growth. The approval of the Flushing Commons and Macedonia Plaza projects is the culmination of a multi-year community-based planning effort that will transform a municipal parking lot into a dynamic urban center. The $850 million private investment will result in new and affordable housing, a state-of-the-art YMCA, one and a half acres of landscaped open space, new retail options and other commercial uses and more parking for residents and visitors than exists there today. All told, it will bring 2,600 construction jobs, 1,900 permanent jobs, and more than $700 million in economic activity annually to the heart of Queens at a time when it’s needed most.

“Working with an array of stakeholders and local elected officials – particularly Council Member Koo – we’ve developed a Flushing Small Business Assistance Plan that will support the continued growth of businesses located in the development area and help mitigate any challenges that arise during the construction period. The Plan includes secured loan guarantees through the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Capital Access program, a targeted marketing campaign, targeted support services from the Department of Small Business Services and a cap on parking rates for businesses and their customers for up to eight years.

“I’d like to thank Speaker Quinn and Council Member Koo – whose steadfast support of the project was central to its approval – and many others who played important roles, including Council Members Comrie and Weprin, Borough President Helen Marshall, Queens Community Board 7 and the projects’ developers, who are showing enormous confidence in Flushing and in New York City.”

Statement of Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn:

“Today’s approval of Flushing Commons sends the strong and clear message that New York City is still growing in all corners of the city and getting stronger everyday. With over 1.2 million square feet of residential, commercial, cultural/community space and a projected $720 million in annual economic output, this mixed-use development will be a new destination for thousands of Northeast Queens residents. Years from now, Flushing Commons will be proof that even in the toughest of times, when we work together and focus on shared priorities, we put our city on a path to responsible and visionary economic growth.”

Statement of Council Member Peter Koo:

“After years of planning, meetings and negotiations, the Flushing Commons/Macedonia Project has been approved by the New York City Council. I want to thank everyone who participated in the process and contributed to the evolution of this project. In addition to creating jobs, revenues and community benefits, we will implement a $6 million small business assistance package that will protect our local merchants who are so important to our community. When completed, the Flushing Commons/Macedonia Project will be a community gathering place, a dynamic retail location and a wonderful place to live. As a result of everyone working together, we made the Flushing Commons/Macedonia Project a reality and we have ensured that the future of downtown Flushing is bright, energetic and vibrant.”

Statement of Council Member Leroy Comrie:

“I want to congratulate my colleagues and the entire Land Use staff for their diligent work in the Flushing Commons development. I want to thank all the unions, small business owners and community groups who took part in this process to make sure all voices were heard on this proposal. The economic benefits from this project will benefit the entire borough of Queens for generations.”


Stu Loeser / Andrew Brent (Mayor)   (212) 788-2958

Jamie McShane / Nicole Kolinsky (Council)   (212) 788-7116

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