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PR- 453-09
October 13, 2009


Battery Park City Monument Recognizes Nearly 800 Police Officers Who Have Lost Their Lives in the Line of Duty Since 1849

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today commemorated the lives of ten New York City police officers who may have died of September 11-related illness. The names of Detective Sandra Adrian, Police Officer Madeline Carlo, Captain Edward Gilpin, Sergeant Claire Hanrahan, Police Officer Robert Helmke, Detective William Holfester, Police Officer Patrice Ott, Detective Roberto Rivera, Sergeant Michael Ryan, and Sergeant Edward Thompson have been inscribed on the granite Police Memorial Wall in Battery Park and were unveiled during a memorial ceremony Tuesday.

"We are here today to pay humble tribute to those who were willing to lay down their lives to protect us and to renew a solemn pledge to them, to their loved ones gathered here today, and also to ourselves," said Mayor Bloomberg. "We pledge to always remember what these ten extraordinary men and women did. We pledge to carry on the mission that they so bravely advanced, and to protect our City against all the perils it may face. We also must urge Congress to pass the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which would provide for necessary research, monitoring, and treatment for first responders."

"Twenty-three police officers were killed on September 11, and since then we have added to this Memorial the names of 18 of their colleagues who succumbed to illnesses that may have been related to the recovery work they courageously performed at Ground Zero and Fresh Kills," said Commissioner Kelly. "The addition today of these officers underscores the reality that this tragedy is something the Department and City will endure for a long time to come. It is not just New Yorkers, but visitors from around the country and world, who pay deepest respects to these and all fallen police officers here, just blocks from the World Trade Center site."

In 2002, the Police Department began monitoring members of the service who worked on September 11 and providing treatment as necessary.  All uniformed members of the NYPD who believe they may have 9/11 related symptoms are eligible for an evaluation, as well as treatment and monitoring, at either the NYPD Medical Division or one of two World Trade Center medical monitoring programs at Mt. Sinai Hospital or Bellevue Hospital.

The ten officers whose names are inscribed on the wall are below.

Captain Edward C. Gilpin served the New York City Police Department for 32 years before his retirement in 2002. He was recognized four times in his career for excellent and meritorious police duty. Captain Gilpin served as Executive Officer of the 9th Precinct and the Manhattan South Task Force, as well as worked in the Brooklyn Housing Bureau and Police Service Areas 1 and 2 during his career. He is survived by his wife, Mary Jane and son Michael.

Sergeant Claire T. Hanrahan received eight medals for excellent and meritorious police duty during her 20-year career with the Department, during which she served in the 19th, 23rd and 25th Precincts as well as in the Street Crime Unit and various divisions of the Narcotics Bureau. Sergeant Hanrahan is survived by her parents, Matthew and Claire; husband Ed, and three children: Justin, Shannon and Kyle.

Sergeant Michael W. Ryan was a 20-year member of the Department with nine recognitions for excellent and meritorious police duty. He was a member of several Detectives Squads, in the 104th, 112th, 114th and 115th Precincts, and worked in Warrants and in the 73rd, 75th, 83rd, 101st, 103rd, and 111th Precincts. During his career Sgt. Ryan made nearly 100 arrests, over half of which were for felony crimes. He is survived by his parents, Jim and Ann; wife Eileen, sons Liam and Aiden, and daughters Erin and Casey.

Sergeant Edward D. Thompson served the Department for nearly 16 years, in the 6th and 120th Precincts and Intelligence Division Operations and Analysis Section. Sgt. Thompson is survived by his parents, George and Deborah; wife Justine and four daughters, Jaqueline, Emily, Madison and Abigail.

Detective Sandra Y. Adrian is a 19-year member of the Department with six medals for excellent and meritorious police duty. Before her death in 2006, she served in the Housing and Internal Affairs Bureaus. She is survived by her brother Jaime, and sister Liz.

Detective William J. Holfester was recognized 11 times for excellent and meritorious police duty during his 18-year career. His work against narcotics crimes in upper Manhattan included 380 arrests, of which 213 were for felony crimes. Detective Holfester also served in the 81st Precinct. He is survived by his mother Marion, sister Cynthia, wife Michelle and daughter Marissa, son Chris, and three grandchildren: Olivia, Christopher and Gabriel..

Detective Roberto L. Rivera served the Department for nearly 30 years, during which time he received eight medals for excellent and meritorious police duty. He was a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Detectives Bureau Special Investigations Division, and Arson and Explosions Division. Detective Rivera is survived by his wife, Aida; sons Marcus and Roberto; and daughter Doraida.

Police Officer Madeline Carlo worked for 15 years in the Housing Bureau and Police Service Areas 5 and 7, in Manhattan and the South Bronx. She is survived by her mother Maria, children Cynthia and Orlando, and siblings Olga, Mike, Yvonne and Raymond.

Police Officer Robert B. Helmke spent 12 years serving the Department in its Transit Bureau, 104th Precinct and Medical Division. He was recognized for meritorious police duty and is survived by his mother Kathleen, wife Greta, son Garret, daughter Amelia and siblings, Janet and Keith.

Police Officer Patrice M. Ott is a 20-year veteran of the Department who served in the 52nd Precinct, Mounted Unit and Property Clerk. A recipient of recognition for excellent police duty, Officer Ott is survived by her mother Maureen, husband Bill, son Ryan and brothers Mike and John.


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