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PR- 259-09
June 9, 2009


One Medal of Honor, 29 Police Combat Crosses, and 13 Medals of Valor Awarded

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today honored 43 members of the New York City Police Department at the 2009 Medal Day ceremony by awarding one Medal of Honor, 29 Police Combat Crosses, and 13 Medals of Valor. The Mayor and Police Commissioner were joined by family members of the honorees at the ceremony at One Police Plaza.

"This is always the proudest day of the year for the NYPD - the day we honor the finest of our Finest," said Mayor Bloomberg. "It takes nothing away from any of the officers we salute to also say: this entire department deserves our thanks for keeping us the nation's safest large city. The Police Department has reduced crime nearly 37 percent from where it stood at this time in 2001 - something few thought possible, and the brave acts of today's honorees have contributed to this impressive effort. On behalf of 8.4 million New Yorkers, I want to thank the medal winners for their exceptional service to our City."

"Today's recipients have battled assailants, defended their partner's from near certain death, protected the public, and helped the police department drive down crime rates," said Police Commissioner Kelly. "We are proud to honor these heroes who have served the City of New York with the greatest skill and the utmost courage."

The NYPD first awarded the Medal of Honor, the Police Department's highest award, in 1871.  Since then, the NYPD has also recognized the extraordinary performance of duty by presenting the Police Combat Cross, the NYPD's second highest honor, and the Medal of Valor, the NYPD's third highest honor.  The Purple Shield was first awarded in 1995 to reflect meritorious service where serious injury or death was incurred in the performance of duty.

The Medal of Honor was awarded to Detective Angel Cruz. On March 13, 2007, then Police Officer Angel Cruz was assigned to Transit District 33, working in uniform at the Broadway Junction train station in Brooklyn.  Shortly before midnight, he observed two males on the platform smoking cigarettes.  While attempting to issue them summonses, one of the males punched Officer Cruz in the head.  The same male then pulled out a large hunting knife and stabbed P.O. Cruz in the left side of the head.  Despite being critically wounded and bleeding profusely, P.O. Cruz managed to fire at this male, who then fled the scene.  Officer Cruz, who had been stabbed just above the left ear resulting in a puncture wound to his skull and brain, was still able to chase the perpetrator down a flight of stairs and hold him until back-up officers arrived.  Responding officers found Officer Cruz in a semi-conscious state and transported him to the hospital in a police vehicle.  Even though he suffered an epidural hemorrhage to a portion of his brain, Officer Cruz made a complete recovery and returned to full duty on October 1, 2007. He was promoted to Detective last year.

This year, 28 officers received the Police Combat Cross, which recognizes courage and heroism during personal combat with an armed adversary, and 12 officers received the Medal of Valor, which recognizes personal bravery in the face of imminently dangerous or life-threatening situations. Unit Citations were awarded to 12 units.

The Department also awarded 10 Distinguished Service Medals, which are conferred upon the family of a member of the service who succumbed to illness associated with exceptional duty, performed with great responsibility, under unusual hazard or demand, to the City of New York.

Police Combat Cross

Det. David Harris   
P.O. Steven Lawrence   
P.O. Joseph Burckhard  
Retired Sgt. Craig Melfi  
P.O. Joseph Solomon   
P.O. Miguel Casanova  
P.O. Andrew Suarez   
Det. Albert Brust   
Sgt. Devon Hudon   
P.O. John Siraco   
Former P.O. Brian Quill  
P.O. Darren Santiago   
P.O. Joseph Marquez   
P.O. Ruben Alvarez   
Det. Diana Lugo   
Det. Jose Santana   
Ret. Det. Ann Marie Marchiondo 
Lt. Ajay Kapur   
Retired P.O. Andrew Rydlewski 
Det. Herbert Martin   
Det. Alexander Grandstaff  
P.O. Antwane Reeves   
Det. Larry Young   
Det. John Lopez   
P.O. Raquel Warburton  
P.O. Arthur Leahy   
P.O. David Sansone   
P.O. Andrew Stimus   
P.O. Brian Stickney   

83rd Precinct  
44th Precinct  
120th Precinct  
66th Detective Squad 
78th Precinct  
78th Detective Squad 
88th Detective Squad 
PSA #9  
PSA #1  
PSA #3  
PSA #3  
Narcotics Borough Bronx  
42nd  Precinct
Intelligence Division 
Transit District #11 
Transit District #11 
115th Precinct  
81st Detective Squad 
81st Detective Squad 
48th Precinct  
9th Detective Squad  
23rd Detective Squad 
6th Precinct  
6th Precinct  
6th Precinct  
6th Precinct  
71st Precinct  

Medal of Valor

Det. Richard Burt   
Retired Det. Dominick Romano
Sgt. Pedro Candia   
Det. James Schweiker   
P.O. Maribeth Diaz   
Det. Alfred Robinson

Sgt. Michael Gaudio   
P.O. Edward Cantaloupe  
Sgt. Louis DeCeglie   
Sgt. Michael Raso   
Former P.O. Stephen Donohue
Lt. Kevin Gallagher   
P.O. Gregory Chin   

Intelligence Division 

PBBX Task Force  
17th Precinct  
MTS Precinct  
Detective Borough Brooklyn North Operations  
44th Precinct  
44th Precinct  
Narcotics Borough Manhattan South   
PSA #5  
47th Precinct  

Narcotics Borough Brooklyn South
Transit District #4  

Unit Citations

77th Precinct
Narcotics Borough Manhattan North
Police Service Area #2
Medical Division
Patrol Borough Manhattan North Anti-Crime
Transit District #1
Highway District
81st Precinct
70th Precinct
Internal Affairs Bureau
105th Precinct


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Paul Browne   (Police)
(646) 610-6700

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