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PR- 208-09
May 9, 2009


Most of the funds - $18.5M - will enhance the New York City Summer Youth Employment Program which provides summer jobs to young people ages 14 to 24

Stimulus Funding Will Bring Total Summer Youth Employment in New York City to Over 51,000 - 8,000 More Jobs than in 2008

All Federal Stimulus Funding Allocated to New York City can be Closely Tracked Online at

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Governor David A. Paterson, House Ways and Means Committee Chair Charles B. Rangel, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Congressman Anthony Weiner, State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, Councilman Lew Fidler, and Department of Youth and Community Development Commissioner Jeanne B. Mullgrav today announced that New York City will use $29.02 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support 17,378 slots for summer youth employment programs, summer internships, and similar programs. The bulk of the funds-$18.5 million-will enhance the New York City Summer Youth Employment Program, a seven-week jobs program for New York City youth between the ages of 14 and 24. This will provide jobs for a total of more than 51,000 young people in New York City's Summer Youth Employment Program - 8,000 more than in 2008. Because CVS/pharmacy has agreed to hire Summer Youth Employment Program participants at almost all of their New York City locations, the Mayor, Governor, and legislators made this announcement at CVS's flagship store in Manhattan with Deputy Mayor for Education and Community Development Dennis M. Walcott, New York City Employment & Training Coalition Executive Director Tim Ford, and CVS/pharmacy Supervisor Michael Frazzeta.

"None of us forget our first job, and these federal funds will support employment opportunities designed to provide young people with the fundamental skills they need to succeed in the working world," said Mayor Bloomberg. "I want to thank President Obama and our congressional delegation for making sure that New York City receives the resources we need to give the next generation an economic jump-start. Stimulus funds will create summer jobs for 13,378 youth that will have a real impact on the lives and financial prospects of young people and their families in all five boroughs.

"Unemployment among youth has far reaching consequences across society - from substance abuse to teen pregnancy to increased crime in our communities," said Governor Paterson. "This makes finding employment for youth at this moment all the more critical, especially in light of the fact that jobs traditionally filled by youth are being filled by adults adversely affected by today's economy. With this infusion of federal funding, tens of thousands of youth will have their lives changed for the better. More importantly, they will be spending their paychecks in communities sorely in need of an infusion."

President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in February. Included within this bill is $29.02 million in youth funding for New York City through the federal Workforce Investment Act. In addition to the $18.5 million to fund summer jobs through the Summer Youth Employment Program, $3.02 million will support paid internships to participants in Out-of-School Youth programs. The program will build on the successful model established by the Young Adult Internship Program, which is part of the Mayor's Center for Economic Opportunity anti-poverty initiative. Another $5.5 million will be used to fund paid internships for 2,800 youth on the condition that they remain in or return to high school, and meet academic and job performance standards through the Department of Youth and Community Development's "Go To School, Get A Job" initiative. And $2 million will help another 200 18 to 24 year olds, who are neither in school nor in the workforce to get off public assistance and establish self-sufficiency. This will be done through on-the-job training combined with GED, pre-GED, English as a Second Language, or college preparatory classes, as well as internships and apprenticeships in the Parks Opportunity Program's Back to School and Work Initiative, which is funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development and operated with the City's Department of Parks and Recreation.

The New York City Summer Youth Employment Program is a stand-alone seven-week jobs program. Last summer, the Department of Youth and Community Development received 103,000 applications and enrolled more than 43,000 participants in the program - the most since the summer of 2001. Summer Youth Employment Program participants were employed at 6,550 worksites that were developed by 56 community-based providers throughout the five boroughs. The receipt of stimulus funds has allowed the Department of Youth and Community Development to extend the pool of participants up to age 24, where it previously was 21. Participants, who earn the minimum wage, work in local small businesses, cultural institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, child care facilities, libraries, and hospitals. They receive education and training on topics that include work-readiness, post-secondary education, career exploration, financial literacy, and health awareness. The deadline to submit a summer youth employment application is May 15, 2009. Information is available at or by calling 311.

"These funds will help reverse the rising tide of unemployment among our youth here in New York and across the country," said Senator Schumer. "This funding will serve the central purpose of the recovery act - putting people back to work."

"I welcome the announcement by Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg that stimulus funds we passed in Congress will increase educational and employment opportunities for our children and young adults," said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. "As the mother of two young boys, I am passionate about supporting programs which give every child the chance to develop the skills needed to put them on the path of success and to live up to their full potential. I am committed to working with Senator Schumer and the Congressional delegation to ensure that New York receives its fair share of federal dollars so we can continue to invest in the future of our children and our city."

"The fate of this nation's economic future ultimately rests on how well we educate our children - both in and out of the classroom," said Congressman Rangel. "By helping to increase their job and volunteer opportunities in the summer, we assure ourselves that our youth begin to acquire the skills that employers need and that the global marketplace demands for their future."

Rangel also noted that increasing opportunities would also help keeps young people off the streets and out of trouble, especially during the summer.

"While this city has seen historic drops in crime, we elected officials still go to too many funerals of innocent youngsters taken by gun and other youth-related violence," said Rangel. "Working with city and state officials, partnering with businesses large and small, we can bring down the number of these tragedies by funding meaningful and productive activities dedicated to putting our children onto a path of personal and professional success."

"In these tough economic times, it's vital that we recognize and nurture the potential of our city's young people. Investments in our kids are investments in New York's future," said Rep. Maloney. "I applaud Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg for taking quick action to direct stimulus funding to Youth Employment Initiatives, and I thank President Obama and my colleagues in the New York Congressional delegation for their ongoing work to get our economy back on track and help our community."

"I am greatly pleased with the nearly $100 million in federal funding for the New York Summer Youth Employment Program. The 75,000 jobs we expect will be created for disadvantaged youth across the state of New York will go a long way toward securing the future of our greatest asset, our young people," said Congressman Gregory Meeks. "I believe that this program is a tremendous outreach initiative for at-risk youth who will have the opportunity to obtain paid summer employment that will teach them the necessary job and life skills to excel in future employment. This program is essential with the rate of unemployment and crime amongst youth in New York continuously increasing. I am confident that with this newly added funding the Summer Youth Employment Program will reach new heights and provide our youth with a life-changing experience."

"I'm gratified that a long underfunded program will get a boost," said Rep. Weiner. "Arming young people with job skills and real work opportunities is a smart way to stimulate our local economy."

"Young people in New York City need positive places to go where they can learn, develop new skills, and connect with mentors," said Congresswoman Nydia M. Velázquez. "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enables more of our youth to participate in summer programs expanding educational opportunities and helping to lay the groundwork for a bright future."

"As a proud co-sponsor of the Recovery Act, I am pleased to see that stimulus dollars are being directed to this important skills-building program. By increasing the summer 2009 enrollment, the program will create jobs and help improve the future of thousands of young adults in New York City," said Rep. Towns.

"It is truly gratifying to know that as a strong proponent and one who voted in favor the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, my efforts to reinvigorate our economy are beginning to pay off," said Rep. Yvette D. Clarke. "I am pleased to announce, along with my colleagues in government today that thousands of additional slots will be available in the 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program."

"Our young people will serve as a valuable addition to our workforce this summer," continued Rep. Clarke. "Thousands of young people who have historically been underutilized will now have a great opportunity to establish themselves in the world of work and build a foundation for future endeavors. For too long the young people of our city have had to struggle with a very minimal commitment to summer employment opportunities. This summer in New York City, that will not be the case. Our young people will be partners in stimulating our economy, while gaining meaningful work experience and assisting their families in these challenging times." 

"Creating jobs for all residents of the State is crucial during these tough economic times," said Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith. "I am pleased that funding has been secured to provide the youngest among New York's workforce with the confidence and the skills that will allow them to be the productive citizens they desire to be. This program not only stimulates the economy but the minds and abilities of our youth."

"For many young people, a summer job is their first work experience and their first opportunity to earn a paycheck," said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. "These funds will help to preserve thousands of summer positions, which are essential jobs in our city's day camps, senior centers, hospitals and recreation facilities. During this recession, we must look for ways to stimulate our economy but we cannot to forget how important young people are to our economy."

"New York City's summer youth program has been an invaluable resource for providing training and developing a strong work ethic among New York's young adults," said City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn. "Our youth depend on these jobs for both the experience and income they offer, and in turn the City depends on them for the service they provide to our communities. This boost in funding will open the door of opportunity to so many dedicated young adults and allow them to work in the greatest city in the world. I thank both the Obama administration and CVS for their help in making this happen."

"With summertime right around the corner, Governor Paterson and the State Labor Department are making a concerted effort on all fronts to assist youth in finding employment under very difficult circumstances," said New York State Department Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith. "From training money under the stimulus package to tax credits for businesses to a revamped website that helps youth focus on a worker identity, everything is on the table when it comes to assisting the future of this state."

"This program provides important experiences for young people that can help them develop a career path by exposing them to a diverse array of jobs," said OTDA Commissioner David A. Hansell. "The work they do will help them develop knowledge and confidence and we hope it will contribute to greater economic security for the families involved."

"This $96 million in federal funds will be put to essential, immediate use in providing work and hands-on engagement for our underemployed, disconnected youth and young adults," said Rep. Nadler. "It's easy for us to forget that our current economic woes also have a dramatic effect on young people who are already struggling along the road to inclusion and participation in our society. I'm pleased to join my colleagues in the New York congressional delegation, the Governor, and the Mayor in bringing these much-needed funds to New York."

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided funding for the Summer Youth Employment Program, a vital program that employ thousands of teens and young adults throughout the state, especially disconnected youths who have few other places to turn," said Rep. Eliot Engel. "Thanks to this money, thousands more will be employed this year over last. I am proud to have played a part in making sure so many young people are given the opportunity to work this summer, developing important skills, learning responsibility, and meeting adults who can serve as mentors and positive role models."

"The critical funds announced today will create needed jobs for New York's youth, providing them with real work experience and the development of important skills necessary to succeed in life," said Rep. Gary Ackerman. "It is essential that we provide these types of opportunities to today's youth and young adults as we set them on the path towards being the future of our city and our state. I am extremely pleased that our region continues to reap the benefits from the economic stimulus package so that we can move forward during these challenging economic times."

"This federal funding, combined with state resources aimed at helping our young people find jobs, will help to ensure that our youth are provided with valuable opportunities to enter the labor force and develop career skills that will serve them well throughout their lives," said Senate Labor Committee Chairman George Onorato. "By wisely investing in youth employment programs, we are helping to provide a brighter future for both the young people themselves and our economy as a whole."

"I applaud Governor Paterson for directing funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to assist New York's lower-income youth in finding summer employment," said Senator Liz Krueger. "Creating jobs for young people is a win/win for our State. It will stimulate local economies, keep young people off the streets, and most importantly give these young adults the skills and training necessary to succeed in the future."

"I couldn't be more pleased that thousands more young people will be able to participate in the Summer Youth Employment Program," said Children and Families Senate Committee Chair Velmanette Montgomery. "The State budget included $35 million for the SYEP. This funding support, combined with new federal dollars, makes it possible for youth to have meaningful, community-based work experiences."

"During the summer months thousands of young people staff important seasonal positions which enhance the quality of services across the five boroughs," said Assemblyman Jonathan L. Bing. "Thankfully, despite a weak economy, Governor Paterson has prioritized preserving these important positions, which help young people get a footing in the work world. This announcement is welcome news for young people in New York City and important to our economic development goals."

"I applaud Governor Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, and Commissioner Mullgrav for their strong support of the Summer Youth Employment Program. The expansion of NYC's Summer Youth Employment Program (with the use of federal stimulus funds) will ensure that during this economic decline, 8,000 more young people can find meaningful employment this summer," said Assemblyman William Scarborough. "As chairman of the Assembly Committee on Children and Families, I will continue to work with my partners within state and local government to find more ways in providing support and valuable employment opportunities for our youth."

"I could not be more thrilled to know that we will employ more young people for summer jobs this year than in any year since 9/11," said Youth Services Committee Chair Lew Fidler. "Since these kids will spend the money they earn in our communities almost immediately, this is the very definition of an economic stimulus that works for everybody."

"Summer jobs for young people are harder than ever to find, which is why I'm so thrilled that the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program is growing this year thanks to federal stimulus funds and the ongoing support of Mayor Bloomberg and our partners in Albany," said Department of Youth and Community Development Commissioner Jeanne B. Mullgrav. "We are working closely with the non-profit and business communities to develop a wide variety of exciting jobs that reflect the interests of our young people."

"CVS/pharmacy is pleased with Governor Paterson's and Mayor Bloomberg's enthusiastic support in SYEP," said CVS/pharmacy Regional Manager John Bohl. "In this tough job market - especially for teenagers looking to find summer jobs - we are happy to be partnering with SYEP for the fourth summer in a row to provide paid summer internships to area teens. This year, we are even expanding our program from 100 teen participants in 2008 to more than 300 teens throughout our 111 CVS/pharmacy stores in New York City, thus providing even more area youths with jobs and marketable skills."

"The lack of employment opportunities for youth was a growing problem before the current economic crisis and now is only getting worse. By teaching job skills and providing real world experience, youth employment programs are critical to helping our city's emerging workforce succeed," said New York City Employment Training Coalition Executive Director Tim Ford. "New York City has been the national leader in developing a vibrant summer youth employment program and with the new federal support we are confident this year's program will be a success. We recognize DYCD for their leadership and the over 50 community-based organizations who will manage the program in all five boroughs. We also thank the dedicated employers from all over the city who are willing to open their doors and in return create opportunity for tens of thousands of young adults."

To maintain accountability and transparency in the City's use of stimulus funding, all such funding allocated to New York City can be closely tracked at American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars can be tracked from initial allocation through project completion. In addition, the public can track key performance measures - such as jobs created - showing how these projects and programs benefit the City.

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