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PR- 094-09
February 26, 2009


Following are the Mayor's Remarks As Delivered at One Police Plaza Tonight

"Well good evening. Buenas noches. Como siempre he dicho, nuestra ciudad tiene cero tolerancia para los crímenes de odio.

"Today I'm pleased to join Police  Commissioner Kelly in announcing an arrest in the murder of José Sucuzhañay. Los neoyorquinos tenemos la mejor fuerza policíaca. Han trabajado mucho para encontrar las personas que cometieron este crimen despreciable.

"These arrests will not lessen the terrible pain and anger felt by José's family and friends or by our city's Ecuadorian community. But it will let them and every New Yorker know that we take hate crimes seriously. We investigate them thoroughly and we do not rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

"In this city there is no such thing as a second-class citizen. There is one and only one standard of justice for all New Yorkers, immigrant and native-born. Let me repeat that in Spanish. En esta ciudad no hay ciudadanos de segunda clase. Los estándares de la justicia siempre serán igual para todos los neoyorquinos.

"Two and a half months ago, I met with José's brothers Diego and Romel at Elmhurst Hospital, where Jose was hospitalized following the attack. Despite the extraordinary care that he had received, the outlook was very bad and it was a difficult moment for me and for everyone else. It was a terrible time for them. Their mother was due to arrive the next day and would have to be prepared for the worst. We sat together in a room for a short time and I tried to comfort them as best I could. I promised all the assistance the City could provide in those difficult days, and the days that have followed.

"And we are doing exactly what we had pledged to do. That includes bringing José's killers to justice. Let me now turn the floor over to Police Commissioner Kelly.

[Commissioner Kelly speaks]

"Thank you, Ray. And congratulations to all the men that worked so hard- women that worked so hard on this. It just goes to show you the quality of the NYPD and their dedication to make sure that when anybody commits a hate crime we will not rest until we find who they are and arrest them.

"Obviously this could not have been done without our district attorney from Kings County, attorney Joe Hynes. Joe has been someone who has devoted his life to making this city better and he is a brilliant district attorney. He works as hard as anybody I've ever met and it's my pleasure to introduce him now. Joe?

[District Attorney Hynes speaks]

"I did ask Christine Quinn to be here. I wanted her to be here because she has spoken out so forcefully against hate crimes and worked with the Police Commissioner on this case, and as much as anybody, I think, in this City, embodies its commitment to standing up to hate and those who try to divide us. Unfortunately, she's at another event and couldn't get here in time, but I did want to point out that Chris Quinn has been a great ally of the Police Department in terms of standing up for everybody's rights - heterosexual or homosexual.

"Any kind of hate crime whatsoever, whether it's based on race or ethnicity or orientation, this is not what New York is all about. New York is about people living together, working together and respecting each other. And we are not going to throw away - because a couple of mindless people like these two who committed this crime - everything that we have built and everything that makes us a place where people around the world want to come and live.

"We'll be happy to take some questions. I've asked Commissioner Kelly to moderate. I'm going to have to leave for another event in a couple of minutes, but I just wanted to once again congratulate- say thank you to Joe Hynes and his staff and congratulate the detectives of the NYPD for another job well done. It is just sad that that they have to go and do these kinds of types of things."


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