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PR- 448-08
November 12, 2008


The following is the text of Mayor Bloomberg's remarks as delivered

"Monsignor Brown, Father Jordan, my fellow New Yorkers: Buenos dias a todos. Seven years ago this morning, hundreds of families were torn apart when they received the news that their loved ones aboard Flight 587 had perished. Once again, we have come together to remember all of them - including the five residents of Belle Harbor who also lost their lives on that day. Our hearts are still heavy with grief. The memories of those we lost still vivid y nuestro amor por ellos sigue fuerte.

"Although the pain of loss has remained with us over these past seven years, we've also been blessed with many things along the ways - confirmations and graduations; marriages and births. New careers have been launched, new directions sought, and new lives begun. The city around us has changed as well.  We're not the same New York that we were in 2001.  Somos mejores, más fuertes, y más unidos. Our people have come together like never before in ways that would make us proud. For example, communities throughout New York - and especially those of Washington Heights and Belle Harbor - have come together to help create this beautiful memorial, which we dedicated two years ago.

"We know that today our sorrow is shared by many nations, including our friends in the Dominican Republic who are paying their respects 1,500 miles away at the Flight 587 memorial in Baní. To them we say:  Nuestros corazones estan con ustedes. Our common sadness has only strengthened the already strong ties between our nations. And our memories have become destinations for thousands of people seeking a place to reflect and to remember.

"There's another group of people who are forever connected to this spot and those are the members of New York's Finest and New York's Bravest, our Police and Fire Departments. They have seen this city through countless tragedies and have always demonstrated tremendous courage in the face of them and Flight 587 was no exception.

"Today, Police Officer Dan Byrnes and Firefighter James Sorokac will help us pay tribute to those we lost. After they toll the bell, there will be a moment of silence.

"Now, Monsignor Brown will begin to read the names of those we remember today, and every day.  And he will be followed by family members of those who were lost, as well as by other clergy members.

"I want to thank the students of PS/ IS 210 Choir for that moving performance and I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this observance and for their heartfelt contributions.

"Now, if you would please, to conclude this ceremony, join me as I walk to the memorial and each of us can pay our respects in our own ways to the victims of Flight 587.  May God grant them eternal peace y que Dios los bendiga. Please join me.


Stu Loeser/ Evelyn Erskine   (212) 788-2958

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