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PR- 391-08
October 3, 2008


Plan Aims to Capture One Billion Additional Gallons of Stormwater When Fully Implemented

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the release of a Draft Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan, a component of PlaNYC that examines and identifies immediate and long-term solutions to capture rain water before it overflows the sewer system, causes flooding and pollutes waterways.

“We designed PlaNYC to be a detailed roadmap for the City to meet the enormous challenges we will face as our population grows, our infrastructure ages, and our environment continues to be at risk,” said Mayor Bloomberg.  “Whether it’s flooding or polluting our waterways, stormwater management is a necessary and critical facet of managing our City.  Since its initial unveiling in April 2007, we’ve encouraged public participation in PlaNYC and we are now asking for New Yorker’s input on this component of the plan.”

The stormwater plan aims to, within two years, enact policies that will capture over one billion additional gallons of stormwater.

PlaNYC’s water quality goal called for opening up 90% of City waterways for recreational use by reducing water pollution and preserving our natural areas.  To reduce water pollution from combined sewer overflows and stormwater runoff, PlaNYC called for a task force to coordinate stormwater planning issues and to create a plan to implement sustainable strategies citywide. Local Law 5 of 2008 formalized the City’s commitment to create a Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan, requiring a completed formal plan by December 1, 2008.

Formed in May 2007, the Interagency Best Management Practices Task Force brought together 13 City agencies to analyze source control stormwater management techniques into the design and construction of both public and private projects to capture stormwater runoff and reduce combined sewer overflows and stormwater runoff. 

The Draft Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan is available on the PlaNYC website available at Public comments will be accepted until October 31st and may be sent by email to  Public feedback will be incorporated into the final plan, which will be released on December 1st.

The Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability will host a public meeting to present the draft plan at New York University’s Kimmel Center on October 7, 2008, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The PlaNYC website contains more details about the public meeting, instructions for submitting public comments, and more information about the City’s water quality initiatives.


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