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PR- 343-08
September 3, 2008


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

“The next two bills before me build upon recent efforts to reform the Buildings Department and strengthen oversight and enforcement of the construction industry.  We detailed our strategy for doing that during our June 4th construction site safety announcement with Speaker Quinn and industry leaders. 

Introductory Number 783-A was sponsored in conjunction with the Administration by Council Members Dilan, Comrie, Gentile, Koppell, Recchia, Seabrook, Weprin, Jackson, Dickens, White, Gonzalez, Lappin, Sears, Garodnick and Vallone.  It requires that there be concrete safety managers on job sites of ten stories or more that pour a minimum of 2000 cubic yards of concrete. 

It also requires these safety managers to register with the Department of Buildings and to continually monitor concrete operations for compliance with safe practices and building regulations.  Candidates for these positions will be required to demonstrate adequate experience and undergo extensive training, which will be developed by the Department of Buildings, in consultation with industry and labor.  Concrete safety managers will have to be available to the Department at all times, and along with the contractor, will be issued violations with escalating penalties for safety infractions related to concrete work.

Introductory Number 790-A has been sponsored at the request of the Administration by Council Members Dilan, Gerson, Comrie, Gentile, James, Koppell, Seabrook, Stewart, Weprin, Jackson, Dickens, White, Gonzalez, Lappin, Sears, Garodnick and Vallone.  It enhances requirements for the site safety plans submitted by site safety managers to the Department.

Introductory Number 790-A requires site safety managers to include in their plans a statement that workers have successfully completed a 10-hour OSHA course on construction safety and health within five years of working on the site.  Workers will be required to carry proof that they have completed the course.  Furthermore, the plan will describe the training that workers will receive that is pertinent to the tasks they are performing at the site.

I would like to thank Acting Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri, who for personal reasons can’t join us today, and his staff for their work on these two bills.  I would also like to thank the Council for approving this legislation.”


Stu Loeser/Evelyn Erskine   (212) 788-2958

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