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PR- 276-08
July 16, 2008


Manufacturers Guarantee up to 300 Vehicles per Month for Use by Taxi Fleets

Nearly 10% of City’s Cab Fleet is Already Hybrid

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Taxi and Limousine  (TLC) Commission Chairman Matthew W. Daus today announced that three major automobile manufacturers have committed to delivering 300 hybrid vehicles per month exclusively for use in the New York City yellow taxi fleet. This exceeds the 210 vehicles per month that TLC estimates are needed to meet new fuel efficiency standards imposed by the City and are above and beyond those already available on the retail market. Nissan North America, Inc. has committed to the availability of up to 200 Nissan Altima hybrids per month, General Motors has committed to the availability of 50 Chevrolet Malibu hybrids per month, and The Ford Motor Company has committed to the availability of 50 Ford Escape hybrids per month, and is seeking to guarantee more.

“While there are already hybrid vehicles available on the retail market, we want to ensure there is more than enough supply to meet the demand for hybrid taxis created by our new PlaNYC mileage rules,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Nissan North America, Inc., General Motors and the Ford Motor Company have gone above and beyond to help us meet our goals. And they are not only helping New Yorkers breathe easier, they are helping taxi drivers save money.”

“There are already over 1,300 hybrid taxis on the streets of New York,” said TLC Chairman Daus. “They save drivers around $6,500 per year and have been passing inspections 85% of the time, as compared to the average 54% for other prevalent taxicab vehicles. Switching to a hybrid makes more sense for drivers’ wallets, and for our environment.”

The TLC voted unanimously last December to approve new regulations requiring that, beginning October 1, 2008, all taxicabs coming into service, with the exception of accessible taxicabs, must achieve an EPA city mileage rating of 25 miles per gallon (mpg). This regulation also provides that, as of October 2009, all new taxicab vehicles must achieve a minimum city driving rating of 30 mpg.  Due to the combined regulations, by 2012 the taxi fleet will be all-hybrid, or a mix of hybrid and other clean vehicle types that produce similar mpg.

Mayor Bloomberg and Chairman Daus were joined at City Hall today by Joe Castelli, a Vice President at Nissan North America, Inc.; Bob Bothfeld, Chevrolet Executive Zone Manager for General Motors; and Gerald Koss, Fleet Manager for Ford Motor Company.

“By participating in this project, Nissan and the City are helping reduce CO2 emissions, a key goal of the Nissan Green Program 2010 and the City’s PlaNYC project,” said Castelli.  “Additionally, we are getting valuable vehicle dependability data for the Nissan Altima Hybrid under the demanding conditions of New York City’s busy streets.”

“General Motors is proud to support New York City in efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by providing Chevrolet Malibu hybrid cabs,” said Bothfeld.  “The stylishly redesigned Malibu means ‘green’ has never looked better in yellow, and we’re eager to expose cab riders to the Malibu, the 2008 North American Car of the Year, in such a high-profile way.”

“Ford Motor Company has a long history of partnering with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to provide quality vehicles that meet the needs of the city.  A recent example of this partnership is the success of the Ford Escape Hybrid Taxi that currently dominates the City’s hybrid taxi fleet,” said Koss. “Ford’s blueprint for sustainability addresses the challenges of climate change and energy security, while creating safer, more fuel-efficient products that customers want and value. We look forward to working with the TLC and Mayor Bloomberg to continue to help meet their transportation needs and sustainability goals.”


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