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PR- 262-08
July 2, 2008


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today presided over a graduation ceremony for 1,013 new police officers at Madison Square Garden. The graduates recently completed over six months of intensive training at the Police Academy in various field assignments. The new officers will be assigned to Operation Impact, the program that pairs rookie officers with experienced supervisors and deploys them to targeted high-crime areas.

"Each of you will now be bound by a common oath, to protect and serve the people of New York City as officers in the world's greatest police force," said Mayor Bloomberg at the event. "That is not an idle boast; it's a fact - one demonstrated by the way that police departments around the world study and emulate the procedures and practices of the NYPD. The skill and dedication of the NYPD have made New Yorkers safer than we've been in modern memory."

"There is no better day in the life of New York City than Police Academy Graduation Day, and no event that inspires more hope or confidence in all of us," said Commissioner Kelly. "Our new police officers are the reason why. They give us faith in the future. They could have chosen any number of career paths, but they placed service to the public and the New York City Police Department above all else. That decision alone takes courage and character to make."

This class is among the most diverse to have ever graduated from the academy. Approximately 30% of the graduates are Hispanic, 14% are black, 5% are Asian and 49% are white. Approximately 17% of the graduates are female. Today's class is made up of 328 graduates who have received four-year college degrees; 240 have completed associates degrees. Members of the class hail from a wide range of professions including 148 graduates who have served in the military.

Mayor Bloomberg presented the Mayor's Award to Police Officer David B. Vale for earning the highest overall average in today's class. In addition, Police Officer Darion M. Brooks received the Police Commissioner's Award for earning the second highest overall average. Police Officer Steven J. Jehl received the First Deputy Commissioner's Award for earning the highest academic average. Police Officers Vincent K. Agostino and Bridhid T. O'Neil received the Chief of Department's Award for earning the highest physical fitness runoff average. Police Officer Michael E. Ball received the Deputy Commissioner of Training Award for earning the highest firearms proficiency average. Police Officers Marquis K. Cross, Carlos Guadalupe, Jeremias J. Torres and Jeffery L. Wickham received the Commanding Officer's Award for exceptional police duty. Police Officer Douglas S. Moodie received the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Award as outstanding company sergeant. Police Officer Timothy D. Kessler received the New York City Police Foundation Award for exceptional community service.


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