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PR- 430-07
November 28, 2007


Company will add 120 Hybrid Trucks to National Fleet over the Next Year

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today joined Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) executives to announce that the company is undertaking energy saving measures here in New York, including introducing the first five hybrid-electric delivery trucks, which will operate out of the company's distribution center in the Bronx. Coca-Cola Enterprises is responsible for the distribution of Coca-Cola products in North America and Europe. The Bronx sales center has 90 trucks servicing 8700 customers in Manhattan and the Bronx, delivering more than 8 million cases of beverages annually. The hybrid-electric trucks use 32% less fuel than standard trucks and use technology to eliminate emissions when they idle or sit in traffic.

"Sustainable business practices will save businesses and government money in the long run. That's why we're converting our taxi fleet to hybrids. It's why major rental companies like Hertz are converting their fleets, and it's why a world leader in product distribution like Coca-Cola has made this commitment," said Mayor Bloomberg. "Although clearly a major international brand, there are important local implications resulting from this decision. Coca-Cola Enterprises runs trucks though our five boroughs on their distribution routes, and by introducing these hybrid-electric trucks, they are contributing to better air quality in the communities they serve locally - especially their home in the South Bronx."

"Coca-Cola Enterprises has long been responsive to the needs of our local communities, and the expansion of our hybrid-electric fleet in the Bronx demonstrates our commitment to Mayor Bloomberg's call for local industries to be proactive in the search for alternative fuel sources," said CCE President and CEO John F. Brock. "CCE will continue to explore ways to help our customers and communities bring to life our vision for a sustainable future. These efforts, coupled with other energy saving measures here in the Bronx and elsewhere, are not only a commitment to the environment, they're good business."

CCE conducted an intensive research and design program with their supplier to develop, test and produce hybrid-electric trucks for their New York fleet. Currently, CCE has two hybrid-electric trucks in the Bronx facility, with three additional trucks scheduled for deployment in December. The five Bronx trucks represent the largest CCE hybrid-electric fleet of any city in the U.S.

The International 4,300 truck, with Eaton Hybrid Technology, meets New York City weight restrictions for use on roads and bridges. Over the next year, an additional 120 side load hybrid-electric trucks will join the CCE fleet across the country. A motor/generator, working with the transmission and a 340-volt battery, allows the truck to utilize electrical power instead of gas when traveling at speeds below 30 MPH, eliminating emissions in slow traffic.

CCE employs more than 3,500 people in the metro-New York City area, 434 at their Bronx facility, where they recently began the installation of an energy efficient lighting system. The upgrade at the 264,025 sq. ft. facility is about 90% complete. In addition to saving energy, it has an anticipated annual cost savings of approximately $85,000.

In May, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the City's yellow-taxi fleet would be required to meet stringent emission standards that currently are only reachable by converting to hybrid taxis. In June, Mayor Bloomberg joined officials from Hertz Rental Cars to announce that they would convert a major portion of their New York based fleet to hybrid.



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