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PR- 096-07
March 30, 2007


Collective Bargaining Agreement for over 8,300 Civilian Employees of the City of New York Includes Over 7% Wage Increase and Conforms to the Pattern

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Local 237, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) President Carroll E. Haynes today announced that a tentative contract settlement has been reached on a collective bargaining agreement covering the period from September 23, 2006 through September 12, 2008.  The agreement includes more than a 7% wage increase and other benefits. This agreement covers over 8,300 Special Officers, and other titles employed in Mayoral agencies as well as in the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.  Prevailing rate employees and those represented by Civil Service Bar Association are excluded from the terms of this agreement.

Local 237, IBT members perform a wide variety of very important responsibilities for the City, including serving as Taxi and Limousine Inspectors, Food Service employees in the Department of Correction, X-Ray Technicians and other assignments in health services, building maintenance, and public information services.

"Good things happen when unions come to the table and make a good faith effort at reaching an agreement," said Mayor Bloomberg.  "This tentative settlement is based on the economic agreement reached earlier with District Council 37 and other municipal unions.  I am committed to working with labor leaders to provide fair compensation to the hard-working municipal workers that keep this City running."

The principal features of the agreement include:

Wage Increases

  • Effective October 23, 2006, a general increase of 2.00%.
  • Effective April 23, 2007, an additional general increase of 5.00%.

Lump Sum Cash Payment

Effective April 1, 2007, a lump sum cash payment in the amount of $750.00 will be paid to all full time employees in active pay status on April 1, 2007, pro-rated for part time employees in active pay status who work less than a full calendar year, subject to the eligibility guidelines below:

  • Employees who work 35 hours or more per week: $750.00
  • Employees who work between 17.5 hours and 34 hours per week: $375.00
  • Employees who work less than 17.5 hours per week are ineligible. 

The lump sum cash payment will be pensionable, and will not become part of an employee's basic salary rate nor be added to an employee's basic salary for the calculation of any salary based benefits, including the calculation of future collective bargaining increases.

Additional Compensation Fund

Effective September 12, 2008, the bargaining unit will have available funds not to exceed 0.34% to purchase recurring benefits, mutually agreed to by the parties.  The funds available will be based on the December 31, 2005 payroll, including additional compensation and pensions.

Welfare Fund

Effective January 23, 2007, there will be a one-time lump sum cash payment to the welfare fund in the amount of $166.67 on behalf of each full-time active member and retiree who is receiving benefits as of that date.

Effective June 23, 2007, the contribution paid on behalf of each full-time retiree will be increased by $200 per annum.

The Mayor thanked the key leaders in the drafting of the agreement, including Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler, Local 237 President Carroll Haynes, Local 237 Secretary Treasurer Gregory Floyd, the Local 237 Executive Board, Labor Commissioner James F. Hanley and First Deputy Commissioner Pamela S. Silverblatt and their team, and Budget Director Mark Page and his staff.


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