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PR- 088-07
March 27, 2007


City Will Purchase Protective Vest for Every Auxiliary Police Officer and Provide Recurring Funding to Outfit Future Additions to the Auxiliary Force

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced that all Auxiliary Police Officers in the New York City Police Department will be issued state-of-the-art bullet resistant vests. The vests, recently redesigned by the NYPD and manufactured by Second Chance Armor Inc., are the same as those now issued to Police Officers. The Mayor and the Police Commissioner made the announcement at the 6th Precinct Station House, the command of fallen Auxiliary Police Officers Nicholas Pekearo and Eugene Marshalik.

"I've always held an incredible admiration for New York's Finest. They are out on our streets day and night willing to do what it takes to keep us safe," said Mayor Bloomberg. "But I also have a special respect for the men and women of our Auxiliary program who volunteer to fight crime.  They do it for no pay and no glory - but purely because of a love they have for our city and a strong desire to serve their neighbors. The killing of Auxiliary Police Officers Pekearo and Marshalik was an awful, cold-blooded crime that shocked our entire city - but now we are determined to turn that pain into a force for good."

"It is sad but fitting that we make this announcement in the memory of Auxiliary Police Officers Pekearo and Marshalik where they served so well and where they gave their lives," said Commissioner Kelly.

The Mayor announced that $3.3 million from next month's Executive Budget will be used to buy more than 4,500 protective vests for all Auxiliary Officers and $617,000 will be committed annually to outfit new members of the Auxiliary program. It will take nine months to equip the current Auxiliary force. After the shooting death of Detective Dillon Stewart, Commissioner Kelly directed the NYPD and Second Chance Armor Inc. to redesign the Level 3A protective vest in order to provide enhanced neck and side coverage and overlapping side panels to allow for changes in the body shape of the wearer. The redesigned Level 3A protective vests are certified by the National Institute of Justice to stop both 9mm and .44 magnum rounds fired from 16 feet with a velocity of 1,400 feet per second. 

Last week Commissioner Kelly created an Auxiliary Police Review Committee to examine the recruitment, selection, and training of Auxiliary Police Officers, as well as how they are equipped, deployed and supervised. The committee, chaired by Chief of Patrol Nicholas Estavillo, is made up of veteran police officials as well as experienced Auxiliary officers. Any further changes to the Auxiliary program will be announced after this body has completed its work. Auxiliary Police Officers are volunteers who wear uniforms and are issued radios, batons, and handcuffs. Auxiliary patrols augment the regular uniformed force especially at high-traffic special events and accident scenes. Auxiliaries are called the eyes and ears of the Department and their primary function is described as patrol, observe, and report.

Auxiliary Police Officers Nicholas Pekearo and Eugene Marshalik were gunned down on March 14th, 2007 as they performed a routine patrol in Greenwich Village. They are the sixth and seventh Auxiliary Police Officers killed while in service to their community. Auxiliary Police Officer Pekearo had served in the Auxiliary Police Section for four years, Auxiliary Officer Marshalik had served for one year.


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