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PR- 347-06
October 3, 2006


New York City’s New Population Record Of Over 8.2 Million People Has Been Affirmed

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that as a result of a successful challenge developed by the Department of City Planning of the U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates, New York City’s July 2005 population has been revised upward by 70,600 persons, climbing to an all-time high of 8,213,839.  The Census Bureau reported earlier this year that the City’s population had increased 1.7% to 8,143,200 but the City challenged the Census Bureau’s estimates for all five boroughs, and in each case, the Bureau accepted the City’s higher population estimates.  The increase in the City’s population underscores the importance of the Administration’s plans to stimulate housing construction throughout the City, and emphasizes the Administration’s commitment to bring to New York its fair share of resources related to the population count.

“In challenging the Bureau’s figures, we based our population estimates on a housing unit-based method – the same method that was used in the successful challenge to the July 2004 estimates – and once again, the method yielded higher numbers than those from the U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates program,” said Mayor Bloomberg.  “This represents an increase of 206,800 persons since April of 2000, a 2.6 percent change and a jump of 49,100 over last year’s population high, or an increase equivalent to the size of the city of Reno, Nevada. 

“It is critically important to have accurate figures as these numbers affect New York State’s allocation for 2006 low-income housing tax credits and private activity bond cap, and potential investors’ perception of the City.  To continue to provide for future growth, we must receive our fair share of federal per capita funding.  The figures announced today will provide an estimated $23.1 million in additional state funding for affordable housing, of which New York City, with its continuing strong demand, receives a lion’s share.  The increase is also a resounding statement of confidence from the thousands of people who continue to come to New York City from other states and countries for the opportunity and diversity we offer, and it is one of many signs of our City’s health and the effects of our continued status as the safest big city in America.  We will continue to affirm their confidence by continuing our successful five borough economic development strategy that is bearing fruit throughout the City,” concluded Mayor Bloomberg.
The City’s Department of City Planning successfully challenged the Bureau’s original population estimates for the third consecutive year using an alternate method that shows the link between the City’s booming housing market and increased population.


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