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PR- 343-06
September 29, 2006


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Finance Commissioner Martha E. Stark today announced that the $400 property tax rebate check is in the mail for 605,000 owners of homes, cooperatives and condominiums. The Department of Finance began mailing the rebate checks on Wednesday, and will mail additional checks in the coming weeks as it continues to process payments that allow additional homeowners to become eligible. The Mayor and Commissioner Stark made the announcement on the Mayor's weekly radio show, "Live from City Hall with Mayor Mike and John Gambling."

"New York's homeowners pulled the City through tough times, so I am pleased that we are giving them a third rebate check for $400," said Mayor Bloomberg. "I want to thank the City Council and the staff at the Finance Department for making sure that our city's hard-working homeowners receive the City's rebate. I look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature on extending this critical program through 2009."

"It's a welcome change for us to send checks out rather than collect them," said Commissioner Stark. "The Department of Finance always works hard to make sure people pay what they owe us on time. It's a pleasure to work just as hard and give homeowners what they are so rightly owed as well."

Homeowners who received a rebate check last year and have not moved - and owners who certified that their home is their primary residence - will receive a 2006 rebate, provided they do not owe more than $25 in property taxes for periods before July 1, 2006. Owners should wait a few days for delivery, or check the Finance Department's website at to see if they are eligible. The Department of Finance will regularly update eligibility and mail date information. Rebate information is also available by calling 311.

As was done last year, the Finance Department is mailing checks directly to eligible owners, including individual owners of cooperative apartments. The vast majority of homeowners will receive $400 checks, unless their annual tax liability is less than $400.


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