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PR- 201-06
June 13, 2006


Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

“The final bill before me today is Introductory Number 339-A, sponsored by Council Members Liu, Gennaro, Koppell, Mendez, Yassky, Brewer, Fidler, Lappin, Mark-Viverito, Nelson, Stewart, Vacca, Seabrook and Gallagher.  This bill increases the number of alternative-fuel taxi medallions that must be made available in this month’s sale of 308 taxi medallions, and also requires that at least 150 wheelchair accessible medallions be made available in any subsequent medallion sale.

“Following the State’s authorization of the sale of 900 taxi medallions, Local Law 51 of 2003 required the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to dedicate 9% of those taxis for alternative-fuel use and 9% for accessible use.  Later this month, the TLC will be selling the remaining 308 medallions of the 900 authorized in 2003.   Local Law 51, would have requied that 62 medallions sold at this time be made available for alternative-fuel use and 54 be made available for accessible use.
“Intro. 339-A alters the structure of this sale by increasing the number of medallions available for alternative-fuel taxis from 62 to 254.  In addition, Intro. 339-A requires that at least 150 wheelchair accessible medallions be made available in any subsequent medallion sale.  As Speaker Quinn and I announced a few weeks ago, we are working closely with our partners in Albany to authorize another medallion sale specifically to ensure future increases in accessible taxis.  And I am pleased to note that today we mark an important milestone in progress toward that goal, as the Council approved a home rule message advising Albany of our joint support for passage of the bills that would authorize these medallions.

“Introductory Number 339-A demonstrates this Administration’s commitment to providing more alternative-fuel and accessible taxi service to the people of this City. Cleaning our air, fostering greater energy independence and providing equivalent service to individuals with disabilities City are goals that we will continue to vigorously pursue.

“I would like to thank the City Council, particularly Speaker Quinn, for their dedication to these important goals.  I would also like to thank TLC Chair Matthew Daus and his staff for their work on this bill and their leadership and commitment to this issue.”


Stu Loeser / Jordan Barowitz   (212) 788-2958

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