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PR- 188-06
June 8, 2006


More than 75 Supervisory Personnel Promoted and Acts of Bravery Honored

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner John J. Doherty today administered the oath of office to 300 newly hired Sanitation Workers.  The Mayor and Commissioner Doherty also promoted the fist two women in DSNY history to the rank of Deputy Chief -- Renee Bandison and Shari Pardini.  In addition, Medals of Honor were awarded to nine employees for acts of bravery and more than 75 other workers were promoted to the ranks of General Superintendent, Sanitation Supervisor and Sanitation Police Lieutenant and Police Officer.  The ceremony was held at the Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.

"Nobody works harder than the men and women of the DSNY," said Mayor Bloomberg. "Each day they remove thousands of tons of trash from our streets and sidewalks and when snow shuts down other cities, our roads are cleaned and plowed.  Besides the Herculean job that 'New York's Strongest' do every day keeping New York safe, clean and moving, whenever fellow New Yorkers are in need, they can count on the members of the DSNY to come to their aid.  All New Yorkers should be proud of the bravery and dedication of the DSNY.   I am especially proud to administer the oath of office to the first women Deputy Chiefs in the Department's History.  It is a great day for Renee Bandison and Shari Pardini and a great day for the DSNY.

"I am extremely proud of this Department and its more 75-years of tradition," said Sanitation Commissioner Doherty.  "The job that the 300 newest members of our Department assume and the added responsibilities of our new supervisory personnel ensures Sanitation's place as an efficient and effective City agency.  Often the members of the DSNY are the eyes and ears of the communities we serve, responding to cries for help and summoning assistance.  We do a gritty, dirty and vital job with dedication and commitment, and with compassion and courage,"

Gold Medals of Honor

  • On February 17, 2006 Sanitation Workers Ivan Silva and William Vorek, (Brooklyn South 10) were collecting refuse in Brooklyn when they saw smoke coming from a nearby house. The Sanitation Workers banged on the doors to alert residents and began clearing the building of civilians.   As they were evacuating people out of the burning building, one resident told them that there was an elderly man trapped downstairs.  Sanitation Worker Silva ran back into the burning building and rescued the elderly man to safety while his partner called 911. Once everyone was safe and the Fire Department had arrived, the Sanitation Workers diligently completed their collection route.

  • On May 15, 2006, Sanitation Police Officer (SPO) Gerard Rotolo responded to a Sanitation supervisor's calls for help in Queens. The supervisor was being hit repeatedly on the head with his own radio after ticketing the assailant's illegally parked car. When SPO Rotolo reached the supervisor, he was bleeding profusely from the back of his head. SPO Rotolo administered first aid until EMS arrived.  SPO Rotolo, now joined by Lieutenant Hector Marrero, began investigating the incident, interviewed witnesses and tracked down and apprehended the assailant.  Lieutenant Hector Marrero of Enforcement received a silver medal for his efforts in apprehending the perpetrator.

Silver Medals of Honor

  • On March 14, 2006, Supervisor Nicholas Minutolo (Bronx District 10) saw a woman being robbed.  As the suspect fled, Supervisor Minutolo pursued him in his vehicle, and then chased him on foot for three blocks, flagging down a police car in the process.  The suspect was apprehended and arrested by the NYPD.

  • On May 15, 2006, Sanitation Worker James Albano (Brooklyn South District 13) saw that an 18-wheeler truck had flipped over. Immediately, he stopped his collection truck, crawled into the overturned trucks compartment and pulled out the driver to safety.   Once the Fire and Police Department and EMS arrived, Sanitation Worker Albano continued his relay duties. 

Bronze Medals of Honor

  • On February 17, 2006 Sanitation Worker Donald Sabin (Manhattan District 12 )was on relay duty on Route 80 in New Jersey when he saw a car driven by an off-duty officer of the Passaic Country Sheriff's Department lose control, hit a guard rail, and roll over several times - ejecting the driver from the vehicle. Sanitation Worker Sabin pulled his collection truck over, and upon seeing the injured sheriff lying in the roadway positioned his truck on the left side of the road to shield the officer's body from oncoming traffic.  Unfortunately, the sheriff's injuries were so severe that he passed away several hours later.

  • On February 17, 2006, Sanitation Worker Edward Colon (Manhattan District 12) was on relay duty on Route 80 in New Jersey when he witnessed an accident.  Sanitation Worker Colon used his collection truck to block traffic and prevented further harm to the injured motorists and provided first aid until the police arrived.

  • On April 21, 2006, Supervisor Ronald Haworth (Manhattan District 2) broke up a fight between two men in Greenwich Village.  One of the men was armed with a machete while the other brandished a bicycle chain. After breaking up the fight both men fled, Supervisor Haworth pursued one of the assailants, notified the NYPD who then apprehended the man who was armed with a machete.


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