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PR- 167-06
May 23, 2006


Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

"The first bill before me is Introductory Number 289-A, sponsored by Speaker Quinn and Council Members Fidler, Stewart, McMahon, Reyna, Gentile, Vallone, Mark-Viverito, Gioia, Rivera, Oddo, Recchia, Jackson, Monserrate, Gonzalez, Nelson, Barron, Addabbo, Vacca, Mendez, Garodnick, James, Sanders Jr., Martinez, Gerson, Yassky, Dickens and Weprin. 

This bill renames 58 thoroughfares and public places throughout the City.  The first 13 names I will read are streets named in honor of people who died on September 11, 2001, and although this is a modest gesture, this local law demonstrates the City's commitment to always remember those who perished that day.  I will now read those names.

Abe (Averemel) Zelmanowitz Way in Brooklyn
Battalion Chief  Fred Scheffold Way in Manhattan
Battalion Chief  Joseph Marchbanks in Manhattan
Joseph F. Holland Way in Manhattan
Tommy Dowd Way in Manhattan
Lieutenant Joseph G. Leavey in Manhattan
Firefighter Vincent Princiotta Way in the Bronx
Police Officer John D'Allara Way in the Bronx
Court Officer Mitchel Scott Wallace Corner in Manhattan
Captain William Thompson Corner in Manhattan
Court Officer Thomas Jurgens Corner in Manhattan
Emeric Harvey Place in Manhattan
Catherine Fagan Street in Brooklyn

"The remaining 45 names represent individuals or entities that are being honored for their lifetime accomplishments, and while it is not possible to describe the reason each individual or entity is deserving of a street name change, each Council Member who submitted a name presented a detailed justification for this honor.  I will now read these 45 names.

"Bob Stonehill Way in Brooklyn
In Memory of Police Officer Carragher in Brooklyn
Rev. Bryan J. Karvelis Way in Brooklyn
Richard A. Carabba Way in Staten Island
Cpl. Joseph Basile Way in Brooklyn
Nicky Antico Jr. Way in Brooklyn
Peter Campisi Way in Brooklyn
Pvt. Joseph M. Merell Jr. American Legion Post Corner in Staten Island
SI Borough President (1977-1984) Anthony R. Gaeta Place in Staten Island
Avenue of the Boldest in Queens
Carmelo Tirone Way in Staten Island
Humphrey Bogart Place in Manhattan
Bob Wilson Way in Queens
Julio Torres Place in the Bronx
Bishop William J. Robinson Place in the Bronx
Anthony J. Moretti M.D. Way in Staten Island
Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance Way in Brooklyn
Marlon A. Bustamante Place in Queens
Keontay Jeffrey Rosario Corner in Brooklyn
Josephine Diana Boulevard in Brooklyn
Emma Lee Williams Court in Brooklyn
Monsignor William F. Burke Way in Queens
Reverend Timothy White Way in Brooklyn
Ms. Marion Dombkowski Way in Brooklyn
Lutheran Place in Queens
Police Officer Daniel Enchautegui Way in the Bronx
Dr. Salvatore Paul Squitieri Way in the Bronx
Herb Berman Way in Brooklyn
Luis Peña Way in Brooklyn
Armando Perez Place in Manhattan
Staten Island Special Olympics Coach JoAnn Young Way in Staten Island
Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. Place in Manhattan
Court Officer Memorial Way in Manhattan
Jackie Connor's Corner in Brooklyn
Actors Equity Corner in Manhattan
Richard Addeo Way in Staten Island
Diego "Dickie" Palemine Corner in Staten Island
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Place in Manhattan
Al Jolson Way in Manhattan
Goldie M. Maple Way in Brooklyn
Juan Pablo Duarte Square in Manhattan
S. Anesta Samuel Avenue in Brooklyn
Bob Marley Boulevard in Brooklyn
Lois Sanders Drive in Queens
Dance Theater of Harlem Way in Manhattan"


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