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PR- 050-06
February 12, 2006


“New York City has just experienced the biggest blizzard in its history. The 26.9 inches that the National Weather Service measured in Central Park just beat the record of 26.4 inches, set almost 60 years ago in December of 1947.

“Our Sanitation workers have been on the streets since before the first flake touched the ground and they have done an incredible job, going round for round with this massive storm.

“Already, they have plowed each of the primary roadways, most of the secondary roadways, and over half of the tertiary roadways at least once. Their goal is to have plowed each street by tomorrow’s morning rush.

“Due to tonight’s low temperatures, drivers should be aware that there may be some roadways with black ice and slippery conditions. Tomorrow, since the going on our streets and highways will be slow at best, we encourage you to take mass transit if at all possible.

“Due to the Lincoln’s Day holiday, alternate side of the street parking, as well as garbage and recycling pickups, have been suspended. City government does not observe Lincoln’s birthday tomorrow so offices and public schools will be open as scheduled, although all field trips are cancelled.

“Again, I want to congratulate the men and women of the Department of Sanitation for their record-breaking work, as well as other City agencies that went the extra mile. These include the Department of Transportation, which cleared the bridges, and the Police and Fire Departments, who maintained public safety despite the most severe conditions. I also want to thank the Office of Emergency Management for coordinating responses through their Emergency Operations Center and the call-takers at 311, who have helped keep New Yorkers informed throughout the storm.”


Stu Loeser   (212) 788-2958

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