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PR- 483-05
December 29, 2005


Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

"The first bill before me is Introductory Number 746-A sponsored by Council Members Addabbo, Barron, Boyland, Brewer, Clarke, Comrie, DeBlasio, Foster, Gentile, Gerson, Gioia, Gonzalez, Jackson, James, Lanza, Lopez, McMahon, Oddo, Perkins, Reed, Rivera, Sanders, Sears, Stewart, Vallone, Weprin, Speaker Miller and the Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum.  This bill renames 67 thoroughfares and public places throughout the City.  The first 11 names I will read are streets named in honor of people who died on September 11, 2001, and although this is a modest gesture, this local law demonstrates the City's commitment to always remember those who perished that day. 

Firefighter Keithroy Maynard Place, in Brooklyn
Bobby O'Shea Way, in Manhattan
Joseph Kellett Way, in Manhattan
Edward Joseph Martinez Way, in Queens
Patrick J. Woods Way, in Staten Island
Jody Tepedino 9-11 Memorial Way in Brooklyn
Shakila Yasmin & Nurul Haque Miah 9-11 Memorial Way in Brooklyn
Mark D. Hindy 9-11 Memorial Way in Brooklyn
Joseph John Hasson III 9-11 Memorial Way in Brooklyn
Pamela J. Boyce 9-11 Memorial Way in Brooklyn
Cono E. Gallo Place in Queens

"The remaining 56 names represent individuals or entities that are being honored for their lifetime accomplishments, and while it is not possible to describe the reason each individual or entity is deserving of a street name change, each Council Member who submitted a name presented a detailed justification for this honor.

LeRoy Myers Corner in Manhattan
Reverend Jerome A. Greene Place in The Bronx
Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary Way in Brooklyn
Richard Addeo Way in Staten Island
Dr. Frank J. Crifasi Way in Brooklyn
Pope John Paul II Avenue in Staten Island
Midshipman Michael Ricciardi Way in Staten Island
Nicholas Johs Way in Staten Island
Nativity B. V. M. Way in Queens
Goldie M. Maple Way in Queens
Ma Carter's Way in The Bronx
Arthur & Dorothy Crier Place in The Bronx
Reverend Walter L. Harding Place in Manhattan
Elizabeth "Betty" Pancila Street in Staten Island
Ms. Mary Iemma Way in Manhattan
Reverend Pedro Pietri Way in Manhattan
Martha Colella's Way in Staten Island
Thomas Michael Darcy Way in Staten Island
Detective Kenny Fung Way in Staten Island
Nelson R. Panazzolo Way in Staten Island
Sal Anzalone Place in Queens
Pfc. Hernando Rios Place in Queens
Mary Pinkett Avenue in Brooklyn
Bishop Curtis G. Norton Sr. Drive in Queens
Walter Kaner Lane in Queens
Barbara DeCosta Waldon Place in Queens
Sister Mary Franciscus Way in Brooklyn
Lieutenant Andrew A. Doyle and Corp. Hugh P. Doyle Place in Brooklyn
Mariners' Temple Lane in Manhattan
Firefighter Richard Sclafani Way in Queens
P.O. Raymond Cannon, Jr. Street in Brooklyn
Private 2nd Class Brian Grant Street 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' in Staten Island
Lori Allison Singer Avenue in Staten Island
Michael J. Supino Avenue in Staten Island
Salvatore LaMondola Avenue in Staten Island
Edward "Iron Man" Holder Avenue in Staten Island
Stephan Coronato Place in Staten Island
Detective Salvatore J. Cafiso, III Avenue in Staten Island
Dominick and Theresa DiMartinis Avenue in Staten Island
Alfonso Ferrandino Court in Staten Island
George G. Srour Place in Staten Island
Jennifer M. Parisi Place 'Beloved Daughter' in Staten Island
Michael Herszdorfer Road in Staten Island
Edward Edwards Lane in Staten Island
Sgt. Doreen Scrimenti Place in Staten Island
Lois Sanders Drive in Queens
Ptl. Thomas J. Gargan Way in Manhattan
William Goldberg Way in Manhattan
Lou Walters Way in Manhattan
Joe Hintersteiner Place in Manhattan
Detectives R. Parker and P. Rafferty Way in Brooklyn
Thelma Boyd Boulevard in The Bronx
Firefighter Leon W. Smith, Jr. Memorial Way in Brooklyn
James Warren Nicolaidis Way in Brooklyn
Mary Woodard Lasker Way in Manhattan; and
Peter Jennings Way in Manhattan


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