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PR- 403-05
October 20, 2005


Pattern-conforming Collective Bargaining Agreement covers 24-Month Period

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that a tentative contract settlement has been reached with the Sergeants' Benevolent Association on a collective bargaining agreement covering the twenty-four month period from June 1, 2003 through May 31, 2005. The agreement includes a 10% wage increase over two years and a revised salary schedule for newly promoted Sergeants.

"This agreement contains several productivity improvements that will provide the necessary funding to conclude this pattern-conforming settlement," said Mayor Bloomberg. "Putting more money into the paychecks of our law enforcement officers and other municipal workers depends on finding commensurate savings in the way that City government operates. Funding collective bargaining agreements through productivity improvements has been a cornerstone of our Administration. Having a well-trained, flexible workforce is a key component of our goals for New York City."

"We are extremely pleased that this contract has been settled with the City, to the benefit of all of the City's sergeants," said SBA President Sergeant Ed Mullins.

The principal features of the settlement are:

  • 5% effective June 1, 2003
  • 5%, compounded, effective June 1, 2004

Current Members

For current members and promotees through April 1, 2006, the basic salary schedule shall be:

1st Step $67,355
2nd Step $68,996
3rd Step $70,309
4th Step $76,403

New Promotees

For newly promoted Sergeants, the following modified salary schedule, including maintaining the existing salary for the first step, and an additional "step" to reach basic maximum salary, shall apply effective April 1, 2006:

1st Step $61,093
2nd Step $61,250
3rd Step $61,500
4th Step $62,500
5th Step $76,403

Other Productivity Items

The agreement provides five additional rescheduling days for all employees without the payment of pre-tour or post-tour overtime upon 24-hours' notice to the employee. Presently, the Police Department has the right to reschedule employees on ten such occasions. Going forward, fifteen such opportunities will now be available for use by the Police Department.

In addition, on six named special event days, the Police Department will be able to reschedule Sergeants in accordance with rules that afford greater flexibility and further savings.

The Mayor thanked Deputy Mayor Marc V. Shaw, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, SBA President Edward Mullins and his Committee, Labor Commissioner James F. Hanley and First Deputy Commissioner Pamela S. Silverblatt and their team, and Budget Director Mark Page and his staff for their efforts in reaching this Agreement.


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