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PR- 229-05
June 14, 2005


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and Elizabeth Petrone Hatton today renamed West 43rd Street between 10th and 11th Avenue after the late FDNY Captain Terence S. Hatton.  Joining the Mayor at the announcement at FDNY Rescue Company 1 in Manhattan were Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta, former Fire Commissioner Thomas Van Essen, and the parents, daughter, family, former colleagues and friends of Captain Hatton.  Captain Hatton was 21-year veteran of the Fire Department and died on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center.

“In a Department of heroes, Terry Hatton stood a head above,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “There was no rescue too daring, no fire too ferocious and no collapse too dangerous for Terry. His leadership and bravery were legendary.  Through 21 years at the Department he received 19 commendations for bravery and was one of the most highly decorated firefighter in FDNY history. Captain Hatton will be an inspiration to generations of firefighters and now everyone that walks down this block will know the name of a special man who served his City with distinction, honor and bravery.”

“Terry Hatton was a hero to me,” said former Mayor Giuliani.  “I was inspired to see him in action saving lives on a number of occasions and privileged to officially recognize his courage with many of the awards he received during his exemplary 21 year career with New York’s Bravest.  And it was my great pleasure to perform the ceremony when Terry and Beth were married.  Like so many others who died on September 11, 2001, his memory will remain a blessing to all he touched. The renaming of this street, Captain Terrence S. Hatton Way, is a fitting tribute to a special man.”

“In renaming this street Captain Terence S. Hatton Way, Terri Elizabeth Hatton will  have a place to go that will help her get to know and understand what kind of man her father was,” said Elizabeth Petrone Hatton.  “All who pass by will be reminded of the best and the bravest of the FDNY, my husband, Captain Terence S. Hatton.  He loved this place, he loved the job and he loved his ‘brothers.’  Borrowing his favorite expression, I find this tribute to be ‘outstanding.’  I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Gifford Miller and the City Council for making this possible.”

“Today’s street renaming is a poignant reminder of the tremendous contributions Terry Hatton brought to the FDNY,” said Commissioner Scoppetta. “Terry was a natural leader and an innovator who selfishly dedicated himself to serving the people of New York. The Fire Department was only second in his heart to his wife Beth and his family and we are so fortunate and proud to have been able to share him. For his work and for his sacrifice, this Fire Department will be forever grateful.”

“I watched Terry Hatton grow up just a couple doors down from me. Even as a boy, it was clear what a special man Terry would become,” said former Commissioner Von Essen.  “He had an obsessive focus on safety, and if you worked with Terry, you would have heard him say, ‘It's either outstanding or unacceptable.’ Terry’s commitment to excellence is a lesson the Department will never forget. I wish Terry and I still shared the same street, but I’m proud and touched that this street will bear his name.”

Captain Terence S. Hatton was appointed to the FDNY in November of 1980 and started his career at Engine 219 in Brooklyn. He was the commanding officer of the oldest Fire Department Rescue Company in the Untied States, Rescue Company 1 in Manhattan, and received 19 commendations for bravery including the Fire Department’s Medal of Valor.  His bravery and reputation for innovative firefighting and rescue techniques bought him national acclaim and he was a member of the team that New York sent to Oklahoma City in 1995 to search for survivors after the bombing. Captain Hatton is survived by his father, former FDNY Deputy Chief Kenneth Hatton, his mother Grace Hatton, his sister Grace Hatton Antiniou, his daughter Terri Elizabeth Hatton as well as his wife Elizabeth Petrone Hatton.


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