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PR- 177-05
May 9, 2005


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

"The last bill before me is Introductory Number 613 sponsored by Council Members Addabbo, Avella, Baez, Comrie, DeBlasio, Gennaro, Gentile, Gerson, Gioia, Gonzalez, Katz, Martinez, McMahon, Oddo, Provenzano, Quinn, Recchia, Reed, Sanders, Vann, Yassky and Speaker Miller.  This bill renames 45 thoroughfares and public places throughout the City.  The first nine names I will read are street named in honor of people who died on September 11, 2001, and although this is a modest gesture, this local law demonstrates the City's commitment to always remember those who perished that day.   I will now read those names, which include Police Officers, Firefighters and civilians.

Firefighter LT Robert F. Wallace Street, in Queens
FBI Special Agent Leonard W. Hatton, Jr. Street, in Manhattan
Mark and Stephen Colaio Way, in Manhattan
B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Way, in Manhattan
B.C. Fred Scheffold Way, in Manhattan
Richard M. Caggliano 9-11 Memorial Way, in Brooklyn
P.O. Donald J. McIntyre Way, in Manhattan
David Michael Ruddle Street, the Bronx
Captain Terrance S. Hatton Way, in Manhattan

"The remaining 36 names represent individuals or entities that are being honored for their lifetime accomplishments, and while it's not possible to describe the reason each individual or entity is deserving of a street name change, each Council Member who submitted a name presented a detailed justification for this honor.

"I will now read the next 36 names.

Timothy Stansbury Jr. Avenue, in Brooklyn
Genevieve 'Jean' Albetta Way, in Queens
James Warren Nicoladis Way, in Brooklyn
Christ Church Way, in Staten Island
Msgr. Joseph A. Martusciello Way, in Queens
Cesaria 'Cez' Soccoa Place, in Brooklyn
Roland Hill Way, in Brooklyn
World War II Heroes Way, in Brooklyn
Dominick DeProspo Lane, the Bronx
Sgt. Joseph Otto Behnke Avenue, in Brooklyn
Edith Kamiat Place, in Manhattan
Brother John W. Donoghue, CSC Way, in Queens
PFC James E. Prevete Avenue, in Queens
Marsha Rapaport Way, in Brooklyn
Rev. Isaiah J. Jones Blvd., the Bronx
Rachel 'Frenchie' Paliseno Way, in Brooklyn
Frederick Douglass Landing, in Manhattan
Maria Y. Sollitto Boulevard, in Staten Island
VaSean Phillip Alleyne Memorial Avenue, in Queens
Malcolm X Place, in Queens
Charles & Margaret Collins Way, in Brooklyn
P.O. David A. Regan Way, in Brooklyn
The Leona Clardy Way, the Bronx
Gilda Radner Way, in Manhattan
Arleen Ramos Way, in Brooklyn
Gonzalo Plasencia Park, in Brooklyn
St. Vincent's Way, in Brooklyn
Mary Woodward Lasker Way, In Manhattan
Police Officer Pasquale Venturelli Corner, the Bronx
P.O. John J. Darcy Way, in Staten Island
Supreme Court Justice John Leone Way, in Staten Island
Richard Feynman Way, in Queens
Mary Pinkett Avenue, in Brooklyn
Arie. A. Bucheister Way, in Brooklyn
Frank Carvill Place, in Queens
Hudson Blvd., in Brooklyn"


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