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PR- 308-04
November 17, 2004


180 Supervisory Personnel Promoted, and Acts of Bravery Honored

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner John J. Doherty today administered the Oaths of Office to 540 newly hired Sanitation Workers.  The Mayor and Sanitation Commissioner also awarded Medals of Valor to 13 employees for acts of bravery and distinguished service and swore in nearly 160 newly promoted supervisory personnel to the ranks of General Superintendent and Sanitation Supervisor.  The Ceremony was held at the Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.

"I want to congratulate the 540 new members of the Sanitation Department and commend the entire Department on it 75th Anniversary," said Mayor Bloomberg.  "Your Herculean effort in collecting thousands of tons of daily residential trash, cleaning our streets, and plowing snow from our 6,000 miles of roads earns you the title 'New York's Strongest.'  Your 75-year tradition of commitment to New York City has made it one of the cleanest, healthiest, and safest cities in the world."

"Known as New York's 'diamond in the rough,' Sanitation celebrates its 75th Diamond Anniversary ensuring that our City shines bright and remains clean and safe," said Commissioner Doherty.  "Our 75- year-old commitment to service grows as we add 540 new Sanitation Workers, elevate nearly 160 deserving individuals to upper supervisory ranks, and acknowledge meritorious service and acts of bravery.  The Department of Sanitation is a family with a proud tradition of excellence and New York's Strongest looks forward to serving this great City in the future."

Gold Medals of Valor Winners:
On August 19, 2004, while clearing refuse from an abandoned lot in Manhattan, Sanitation Worker (SW) Vernon Maynard smelled smoke coming from a nearby apartment building.  At the same time, his partner, SW Pedro Solla, spotted flames coming out of a third-floor window.   While his partner called 911, SW Solla went into the smoky building, ran upstairs to the third floor, and helped an elderly couple who were staggering out of their burning apartment to safety.  SW Solla continued to go through the building alerting the residents of the fire and guiding them to safety.

Silver Medals of Valor Winners:
On July 22, 2004, while on commercial recycling patrol, Sanitation Police Officers (SPO) William Lugo and Luis Alvarez saved the life of Rochel Mintz, who attempted suicide on the George Washington Bridge.  SPO Alvarez pulled Mrs. Mintz to safety while SPO Lugo contacted Health Officials who provided necessary medical services.

Bronze Medals of Valor Winners:
On September 25, 2004, upon returning to the garage after finishing their basket route collection, Sanitation Workers Robert Horne and Patrick Crocitto saw a woman stumble and fall at the busy intersection of West 135th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan.  Immediately, SW Horne stopped the truck to block the intersection from oncoming traffic while his partner, SW Croccitto, directed traffic away from her.  SW Crocitto and his partner comforted the victim until EMS arrived.

On July 14, 2004, while traveling northbound on the Whitestone Expressway on relay duty, Sanitation Workers Dominick Cassar witnessed a car traveling in the center lane lose control and strike the center divider.  SW Cassar immediately stopped his truck, halted traffic, and helped the car's passenger and driver to safety along the side of the road. Sanitation Worker Cassar remained with the driver and passenger until the Police arrived.

Distinguished Service Certificates:
On August 24, 2004, while on collection duty in Brooklyn, Sanitation Workers Brian O'Neill and Al Santapia came to the aid of Wendy Nadler Kaloski saving her and her dog, Lily, from two attacking pit bulls. The Sanitation Workers, wielded brooms and shovels to chase the threatening dogs away and then comforted the victim until the Police arrived.

On August 2, 2004, as Sanitation Workers Pino Augello and Dennis Palazzola were on street cleaning operations in the Elmhurst section of Queens, they picked up a garbage bag and what appeared to be a toy gun fell out of the bag. Upon further examination, the Sanitation Workers realized it was an automatic weapon. The sanitation workers secured the weapon and turned it over to the Police. 

On July 20, 2004, Sanitation Workers John Petrone and Wilfredo Mendina discovered a bag in the hopper of their truck containing a rifle, two boxes of ammunition and hunting knife. The Sanitation Workers pulled the weapons from the hopper and turned them over to the Police.

Commissioner's Citation:
The Commissioner's Citation was awarded to the men and women of Brooklyn District 3 who spearheaded collecting over $6,000 from Sanitation Workers throughout the Department for the proper burial of "Baby Destiny Hope," the newborn baby girl who was found in the back of a collection truck in Bushwick this summer.  Sanitation Workers Anthony Padro and Vernon Gonzalez found the baby in the trash while on collection duty and SW Frederick Johns was the driving force behind the fund-raising.


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