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PR- 235-04
September 02, 2004


Nextel, Cisco, IBM and Chrysler Donate Technology and Energy-Efficient

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein, Nextel Communications Inc. President & CEO Tim Donahue, and IBM Vice President of Government Programs Christopher Caine announced today that New York City Public Schools and City social services will benefit from the desktop and laptops computers, telephones and their supporting networks, and cellular phones that were provided to New York City Host Committee 2004, the not-for-profit entity established for the purpose of supporting the 2004 National Republican Convention.  Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe also joined the Mayor for the announcement that the City’s Parks Department will receive twenty energy efficient vehicles from Daimler Chrysler, which made these cars available to the Host Committee to use for Convention purposes.  Added together, the computers, phones and accompanying technologies total more than $5 million – IBM computers and accessories total more than $1 million; Cisco phones and their technologies more than $4 million; Nextel phones total $120,000.  The 20 energy efficient cars total $150,000.  

“New York City’s public schools and the Department of Parks & Recreation will benefit immensely from the Republican National Convention,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.  “Because of the generosity of these good corporate citizens, City public school children and school administration officials can now count on instant and reliable technology.  In addition, these energy efficient vehicles will further our commitment to the support of environmentally healthy and friendly technology in our parks.  These emission-free vehicles will be of great assistance to the Parks Department, while improving air quality, and occupational health and safety. These generous donations demonstrate that there is broad support for New York from industry leaders, and that with their invaluable assistance, New York City can strive to be a City that can successfully host big events and big ideas.” 

“The overwhelming support of both the private sector and the general public is a resounding vote of confidence in the reforms taking place under Children First,” said Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein.  “We are making a real, profound, and beneficial impact on the way our children learn and individuals, organizations, and businesses, both in our City and outside the five boroughs, are seeking to get involved.  Simply put, people want to join our effort to transform our public schools and finally provide our students with the education they need and deserve.  I want to thank everyone here today for their contributions and encourage people throughout the City and beyond to do their part - after all, it's for our children, the future leaders of our City, country, and world.” 

Nextel Communications Inc., the Official Wireless Service Provider of the 2004 Republican National Convention, will donate the 1,200 wireless phones provided to the Convention for use by Department of Education staff to improve and maintain communication on school related operations. 

“Nextel is deeply committed to New York City and to providing wireless communication solutions that improve both learning and productivity in educational institutions,” said Nextel President & CEO Tim Donahue. “We’re thrilled to support both of these goals by donating Nextel wireless phones to Mayor Bloomberg and New York City Public Schools.”

IBM provided the NYC Host Committee 2004 with 540 desktop computers, 111 laptops, 44 printers, 27 servers and related accessories with a value of more than $1 million.  The IBM equipment was used at 2 Penn Plaza for staff operations, in Madison Square Garden for running and producing the convention, the James A. Farley Post Office Building to support the convention’s media center, and the NYC Host Committee 2004 Volunteer Office for recruiting and training volunteers.

“IBM is pleased to provide technology support to NYC Host Committee 2004 for the Republican National Convention,” said IBM Vice President of Government Programs Christopher Caine.  “From the beginning, IBM planned to provide the equipment for the long term use of New Yorkers and New York City as part of IBM’s ongoing community programs in education. This equipment - IBM desktop computers, ThinkPad laptops, servers and printers - will be used to improve access to technology in a range of New York City public schools as well as to increase access to social services.  This could not have been achieved without the strong partnership of the City and State of New York, and we thank Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg for their support.”

Cisco’s donation consists of networking hardware which performed a critical role at the NYC Host Committee 2004 offices.  Cisco and IBM donated service hours to engineer, install, and support their technologies.

As a result of Daimler Chrysler’s donation of 20 Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) to the NYC Host Committee 2004, Parks & Recreation will receive energy efficient vehicles that are neighborhood friendly with a top speed of 35 mph. GEMs are in use today throughout the City parks system; in November 2003, 248 GEM carts were donated by Daimler Chrysler for maintenance and to assist operations personnel with moving crews and equipment from site to site, to perform large park inspections, and to allow staff to drive between small parks and playgrounds within their districts. GEMS are less noisy than full-sized vehicles; they don’t emit atmospheric pollution, carbon monoxide or particulate matter; and they are ideal for City Parks because they allow City officials to reduce the reliance on large trucks.    

“Without noise or emitting atmospheric pollution, GEM vehicles are helping us to maintain parks and improve the over-all quality of life for New Yorkers,” said Commissioner Benepe. “GEMs are perfect for parks because they allow us to reduce the number of larger trucks on pathways, which help keep parks safer. Our maintenance and operation staff-use GEMs to move crews and equipment from site to site, to perform large park inspections, and to allow staff to drive between small parks and playgrounds within their districts. This generous donation will help to keep our City parks clean and safe.”


Edward Skyler / Jennifer Falk   (212) 788-2958

Paul Elliott (Host Committee)   (212) 630-8081


Jerry Russo   (Education)
(212) 374-5141

Megan Sheekey   (Parks)
(212) 360-1311

Diane Rainey (Nextel Communications)   (914) 407-7282

Clint Roswell (IBM)   (914) 499-4045

John Earnhardt (Cisco)   (408) 527-2180

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