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PR- 180-04
July 7, 2004


 Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today presided over a graduation ceremony for 691 new police officers at Madison Square Garden. This is the fourth class of officers to join the Police Department since September 11, 2001, when 23 officers were lost.

"Today we welcome 691 new officers into the finest police department in the world," Mayor Bloomberg said.  "In their months at the Police Academy, these recruits have not only had the best training possible, but they have also become first preventors in the war on terror.  Today, they are assuming a sacred duty - the protection of the safety of New Yorkers.  I am confident that today's graduates will help the NYPD in keeping the peace, assisting their fellow citizens and driving crime down so the safest big City in American will keep getting safer."

"All of us are on a mission together," said Commissioner Kelly.  "From Mayor Bloomberg on down.  A mission to combat crime, to ensure the quality of life and to protect the City of New York at all costs.  To echo Teddy Roosevelt - there is no work that is more prized by society than this and no better group of people to join us in carrying it out than the class of 2004."

Notable graduates include Police Officer Luis Lopez, the son of Detective Luis Lopez, who was killed during a drug bust in March of 1993.  Also graduating from the academy is Thierry Nemorin, cousin of Detective James Nermorin who was killed during an undercover gun operation in March of 2003.

Today's class is made up of 138 graduates who have received four-year college degrees, 113 have completed associates degrees, and 5 have earned Master's degrees. Members of the class hail from a wide range of professions, and include teachers, EMTs, paralegals, paramedics, real estate agents, and an aircraft mechanic.  41 graduates have served in the military.  This year's class is also one of the more ethnically diverse in the history of the Police Department.  Approximately 28% of the graduates are Hispanic, roughly 14% are black, about 8% are Asian or other ethnicities, and 50% are white.  Approximately 19% of the graduates are female.

Mayor Bloomberg also presented the Mayor's Award to Police Officer Joshua E. Kiess for earning the highest overall average in the class.  In addition, Kenneth P. Rodgers received the Police Commissioner's Award for earning the second highest overall average; Police Officer Noema Ioffe received the First Deputy Commissioner's Award for earning the highest academic average; Police Officer Christine F. Aigotti received the Chief of Department's Award for earning the highest physical fitness runoff average; Police Officer Christopher F. Bethell received the Deputy Commissioner of Training Award for earning the highest firearms proficiency average; Police Officer John W. Hoffman received the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Award as outstanding company sergeant; and Police Officers Darryle F. Lamb received New York City Police Foundation Awards for exceptional community service.

The graduates recently completed approximately seven months of training at the Police Academy in various field assignments.  The new officers will be assigned to various commands throughout the City, including the Patrol Services Bureau, Housing Bureau, and Transit Division.


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