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PR- 138-04
June 3, 2004


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Law

“The first two bills before me today amend the New York City Administrative Code in relation to towing licenses and fees. The first bill, Introductory Number 143-A, sponsored by Council Members Reed, Reyna, Dilan and Stewart, establishes new rates for tow truck operators who hold permits to tow disabled vehicles from New York City’s arterial roadways.

“This bill would allow an arterial tow permittee to charge a maximum of $70 for the first mile and $4 for each additional mile per towed vehicle, as opposed to the current restriction of charging a maximum of $50 for the first mile and $4 for each additional mile. This change will make the rate consistent with the increases that were authorized in 2001 for the City’s two other non-consensual tow programs.

“The second bill, Introductory Number 138, was sponsored by Council Member Reed at the request of the Administration. Currently, it is mandated that all towing licenses and license plates expire on December 31st in odd numbered years. This bill would change the expiration date for tow truck company licenses and tow truck license plates to April 30th in even numbered years, and for licenses issued to tow truck drivers to October 31st – also in even numbered years. This change will reduce the burden on the Department of Consumer Affairs’ licensing center, which currently processes 19,000 licenses during the end-of-year period. Spreading the volume of license expirations more evenly throughout the year will reduce the workload of DCA’s licensing personnel and also reduce the processing time for licensees.

“I would like to thank the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Gretchen Dykstra for her work on this bill. I would also like to thank Council Member Phil Reed and the other Council Members who served as bill sponsors and assisted in guiding these bills through the legislative process.”


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