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PR- 147-03
June 3, 2003


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Law

The next bill before me is Introductory Number 437-A, sponsored by Council Members Addabbo, Jr., Avella, Fidler, Gioia, Nelson, Quinn, Sears, Vallone, Jr., Barron, Comrie, Davis, Jackson, Koppell, Liu, McMahon, Perkins, Sanders, Jr., Stewart, Weprin, Gallagher, Lanza and Oddo.  This bill will rename forty thoroughfares and public places honoring firefighters, police officers and civilians who died on September 11, 2001.  The bill also renames forty thoroughfares and public places for other deserving individuals and organizations not connected with September 11th.

Without the dedication and courage of the brave firefighters, police officers and civilians who perished on September 11th, many more lives would have been lost.  While honoring these brave individuals, we are also acknowledging that it is a modest gesture when compared to their great and ultimate sacrifice.  This action today, however, will show the world that our City and its people will never forget those who were lost on that terrible day.

I will now read the forty names that are being proposed for street name changes for those who perished September 11th.

Chief John Moran Way      Queens
Firefighter Thomas R. Kelly Avenue     Queens
Firefighter Michael J. Elferis Street     Queens
Firefighter Carl John Bedigian Road     Queens
Firefighter Michael Bocchino Street     Brooklyn
Yvette Nicole Moreno Place      Bronx
Firefighter Michael Ragusa Way     Brooklyn
Dianne T. Signer Drive      Queens
Frank Koestner Avenue      Queens
Christina Donovan-Flannery Avenue     Queens
P.O. Paul Talty Way       Queens
Firefighter Thomas McCann Place     Queens
Jason M. Sekzer Memorial Place     Queens
Felicia Hamilton Way       Queens
Vito J. De Leo Avenue      Staten Island
Lisa Spina Trerotola Avenue      Staten Island
Firefighter Jay Ogren Avenue      Staten Island
Margaret A. Alario Avenue      Staten Island
Firefighter Frank Palumbo Avenue     Staten Island
Harry Taback Avenue       Staten Island
Paul J. Simon Avenue       Staten Island
John Di Fato Avenue       Staten Island
Firefighter Patrick Byrne Ladder 101, FDNY Avenue  Staten Island   
Firefighter Peter J. Carroll      Staten Island
Arthur Warren Scullin Way      Queens
Clinton Davis, Sr. Road      Queens
Firefighter Stephen G. Siller Way     Staten Island
Sandra Conaty Brace Way      Staten Island
Clement A. Fumando Way      Staten Island
Firefighter Sean S. Hanley Way     Staten Island
Officer Donald A. Foreman Way     Staten Island
Firefighter Kenneth B. Kumpel Way     Staten Island
Firefighter James M. Gray Way     Staten Island
Daniela R. Notaro Way      Staten Island
Firefighter James Pappageorge Way     Queens
Firefighter Joseph A. Mascali Way     Staten Island
Joseph P. Spor, Jr. Way      Staten Island
Firefighter Stephen P. Russell Memorial Drive   Queens
James Marcel Cartier Way     Queens
Firefighter Paul Gill Street      Queens


The next group of forty street name changes represents individuals or organizations that are deserving of this honor.  Though it is not possible to individually describe the reasons why each of these forty names are deserving of this honor, each Council Member who sponsored a name change has completely supported it, and has presented a detailed summary and justification for each designation. 

I will now read the forty names that are being proposed for street name changes.

100th Infantry Division Boulevard     Queens
James J. Saunders Boulevard      Brooklyn
Anthony Brizzi Place       Brooklyn
St. Mary Star of the Sea Way      Brooklyn
Martense Lane        Brooklyn
Judge Charles J. Beckinella Place     Brooklyn
Mizanur Rahman Way      Brooklyn
Reverend Clyde Hambrick Avenue     The Bronx
Father Joseph M. Elliott Place     The Bronx
Vietnam Veterans of America Lane     Queens
Korean War  Veterans Memorial Drive    Queens
Rawson Street        Queens
Lowery Street        Queens
Bliss Street        Queens
Edward Fowley Way       Queens
Theresa Crawford Way      Queens
The Honorable Louis Sangiorgio Plaza    Staten Island
Merchant Marine Memorial Plaza     Staten Island
Carlo Denino Way         Queens
Louis Armstrong Place      Queens
Lena Azizo Cymbrowitz Way     Brooklyn
Dave Van Ronk Street      Manhattan
Cherry Lane        Manhattan
Pat La Frieda Lane       Manhattan
Liberty Way        Manhattan
Ruby Jacobs Walk       Brooklyn
Mitchell Wesson Place      Brooklyn
Migel Carino Way       The Bronx
Astin Jacobo Way       The Bronx
Marshall C. England Way      The Bronx
Michael Reidy Pathway      The Bronx
Hon. Pauline Rhodd-Cummings Drive    Queens
Gloria Warshofsky Memorial Place     Queens
The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue   The Bronx
Firefighters John Downing, Brian Fahey and Harry Ford Way   Queens
School Settlement Way      Brooklyn
Adam Vineski Walk       Brooklyn
Nicholas Polonski Walk      Brooklyn
The Claude Brown Corner      Manhattan
Manchild Way        Manhattan


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