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February 18, 2003
PR- 051-03


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Law

“The next bill before me is Introductory Number 343-A, sponsored by Council Members Addabbo, Jr., Avella, Brewer, Felder, Fidler, Gallagher, Gioia, Jackson, Katz, Koppell, Lanza, Lopez, McMahon, Oddo and Perkins.  This bill renames twenty-four thoroughfares and public places throughout the City after firefighters and civilians who perished on September 11, 2001.

“All the people listed below were heroes as well as victims.  Today we celebrate their lives and mourn their passing by naming the following streets in honor of those heroes.  This action is a modest gesture when compared to their great sacrifice; however, it reaffirms our commitment that the City will never forget those who perished that tragic day.

“I will now read the twenty-four names that are being proposed:

Clyde Frazier, Jr. Boulevard       Manhattan
Keith Glascoe Street        Manhattan
Firefighter Michael Carlo Avenue      Queens
John Connelly Way        Staten Island
Battalion Chief Joseph Grzelak Way      Staten Island
Firefighter Steven J. Olsen Street      Staten Island
Vincent M. Litto Place       Staten Island
Firefighter James Giberson Street      Staten Island
Walter A. Matuza Place       Staten Island
Boulevard of Heroes        Staten Island
James Raymond Coyle Way       Brooklyn
Lt.Thomas O’Hagan Way       Bronx
Victor Wald Way        Manhattan
Firefighter Eddy Day Way       Staten Island
Firefighter Mark Whitford Place      Staten Island
Scott Charles Timmes Street       Queens
Patricia ‘Trish’ Cimaroli-Massari Street     Queens
Paul Salvio-Giallombardo Street      Brooklyn
Josh Rosenthal Way        Manhattan
Firefighter Lou Arena Drive       Staten Island
William Valcarcel Place       Bronx
James Patrick Ladley Way       Staten Island
Damian Meehan Way        Manhattan
Richard Allen Pearlman Lane”      Queens

Contact: Edward Skyler / Jordan Barowitz