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February 18, 2003
PR- 050-03


Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Law

“The next bill before me is Introductory Number 342-A, sponsored by Council Members Addabbo, Jr., Baez, Barron, Fidler, Gerson, Lopez, Martinez, McMahon, Moskowitz, Nelson, Provenzano, Quinn, Reed, Reyna, Sanders, Seabrook, Sears, Yassky, Lanza and Oddo.  This bill will rename thirty-nine thoroughfares and public places in the City.

“While each individual street name is deserving of this honor, it is not possible to describe in detail, why each of the thirty-nine name changes merits this distinction.  However, each Council Member who submitted a name presented a detailed accounting of each person’s life and ample justification for this distinction.   

“This is the first street name change submitted by the Council for my consideration that was not specifically geared toward persons who died on September 11th.

“I will now read the thirty-nine names that are being proposed for street name changes:

Jack Fitzgerald Parkway Queens
Rabbi Joseph Weiss Avenue      Queens
Angel Luis Rosario Place      Bronx
Father David Casella Triangle     Bronx
Mary Warren Place       Brooklyn
John Malone Park House     Brooklyn
Avenue M – Mary Queen of Heaven Way    Brooklyn
Edmond J. Safra Place      Manhattan
Rabbi Yaakov Spiegel Way      Manhattan
Stephen ‘Snapper’ Knapp Place     Staten Island
Firefighter Michael J. Gorumba Place    Staten Island
Kevin Sheehy Way       Staten Island
Luis M. Beltre Place       Manhattan
Rev. Dr. William A. Epps, Jr. Place     Staten Island
Cheryl White Place       Staten Island
Caccese Way        Staten Island
James Russo Place       Staten Island
Mt. Carmel Way       Staten Island
Isaac Stern Place       Manhattan
Warren L. Samuels Way      Brooklyn
Marion Castellano Way      Brooklyn
Dr. Carlo Mannino Place      Bronx
Throgs Neck Expressway      Bronx
Marge Jeffries Way       Bronx
Charles M. Lee Triangle      Bronx
J.A. Lobbia Bike Lane      Manhattan
Saint Malachy’s Way       Manhattan
Angelo Del Toro Place      Manhattan
Eric Lopez Place       Brooklyn
Reverend Dr. Nathaniel Tyler-Lloyd Place    Bronx
Plaza College Way       Queens
Khay Cochran Place       Brooklyn
Leonard and Harriet Walit Way     Brooklyn
PFC Dan Bullock Way      Brooklyn
Paul Ramos Way       Manhattan
Joey Ramone Place       Manhattan
El Regreso Way       Brooklyn
Michelle Middleton- Bond Square     Queens
Place de Cartier”       Manhattan

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