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July 3, 2002


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) Chairman John C. Whitehead and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding Daniel L. Doctoroff announced today a plan to create one comprehensive source for essential information about Lower Manhattan. Numerous city, state and federal agencies, and countless private organizations have been working tirelessly to rebuild downtown in the wake of September 11th, but to date, there is no central, authoritative resource for information affecting the varied constituencies including residents, businesses, tourists, those involved in redevelopment efforts as well as the families of September 11th victims. Information about air quality, traffic and street conditions, rebuilding milestones, construction plans, area events and assistance programs will be delivered through the use of a website, a newsletter and other communications tools.

The campaign is being made possible by funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and is being jointly administered by the Mayor's Office and the LMDC. The New York City Economic Development has selected Edelman Worldwide, a global communications firm, and Company 39, a global technology solutions firm, to coordinate the information dissemination campaign. The campaign will include the development, daily updating, and promotion of a comprehensive Lower Manhattan website, a monthly area-focused newsletter, information packets for local businesses and their employees, and community outreach.

"The recovery of Lower Manhattan is progressing at a rate none thought possible just ten months ago," said Mayor Bloomberg. "With unprecedented intergovernmental and private sector cooperation, we completed the recovery effort months sooner than originally anticipated. In addition, roads have been repaved, bridges, tunnels and subways reopened and Lower Manhattan is open for business. Despite this progress, critical needs exist. With this information dissemination campaign, we will create a clearinghouse for the distribution of current news and updates generated by city, state and federal agencies and the private sector regarding Lower Manhattan to get the public what they need, when they need it."

"Now more than ever we need to begin to build confidence and assure residents and businesses in, and visitors to Lower Manhattan that the area is a safe and viable place to work, live and visit," said Deputy Mayor Doctoroff. "Communicating in a clear and consistent manner with the diverse constituencies affected by the events of September 11th is key to our efforts to rebuild the area. Our goal is to keep the public updated on the latest breaking news regarding important issues like air quality, security concerns, transportation changes, and the process by which they can play a part in the rebuilding of downtown."

"Effective communications are critical to the success of the rebuilding and revitalization of Lower Manhattan," said Chairman Whitehead. "This new program will reach out to the many constituencies who want to know details of important ongoing activities. Now they will have a convenient one-stop source for information."

"Accurate information remains critical to the recovery efforts in New York," said Brad Gair, FEMA's Federal Recovery Officer. "Anything we can do to enhance the communication efforts moves us closer to President Bush's pledge of doing whatever it takes to assist the people of New York."

In order to provide the most up to date information, the campaign will coordinate information from city, state, and federal agencies and non-governmental entities. A special effort will be made to reach non-English speaking segments of the Lower Manhattan population, particularly in Chinatown. The campaign, including the website, is expected to launch in late summer.

Contact: Edward Skyler / Jennifer Falk
(212) 788-2958
  Matthew Higgins (LMDC)
(212) 962-2300
  Justin Blake (Edelman)
(212) 704-8165