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Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Release # 176-01

Contact: Sunny Mindel/ Lynn Rasic
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Redesigned Portal is Leader in Providing Online Government Services

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani today officially launched -- the redesigned, redefined New York City government website. gives users a simple, intuitive approach to the City's expanding list of informational and interactive services. This new design keeps at the forefront of governmental websites. Visitors to the site no longer need to know what City Agency is responsible for a particular service delivery but only the type of information or service they are interested in accessing.

At the press conference, the Mayor introduced a new television ad campaign, created by Crosswalks -- the City's Cable Channel, to promote

"The new portal is revolutionizing the way New York City government interacts with the public. It seems only fitting that in the 'City that never sleeps', we have a government that is available and accessible 24 hours a day - not just for emergency services, but for informational services and traditional business transactions," Mayor Giuliani said. "Our City's website now offers the public more online information and interactive services, providing users with the ability to interact with City government online, rather than by standing in line. already provides access to over 100 interactive services - more than any other City or State government website.

"'s new design helps New Yorkers, businesses and visitors find the information and services they need without having to navigate the complex organization of New York City government. Whether you are looking for information about park events or paying a parking ticket, this one-stop portal puts the City of New York at your fingertips," the Mayor said.'s new intentions-based approach will reduce the need for visitors to first understand the complex structure of New York City government, before they can more efficiently navigate our Website and process transactions. This design will help demystify government by providing direct and intuitive links to access specific areas of information and categories of services. now allows users to access information using the "Services" directory, which aggregates all City Government information into twelve frequently accessed categories. In addition, the "I Want To" directory leads users to information based on what they want to do, as well as the City's agency based directory. also offers advanced search capability, and allows users to create their own "". Current modules by adding features such as the weather, stock quotes and an online calculator.

Examples of services currently available through include:

· View real-time traffic cameras
· Access property tax records and water/sewer statements
· Conduct online parking ticket hearings
· Pay a parking ticket or locate a towed vehicle
· Pay business taxes
· View crime statistics
· Look up Sanitation collection schedules
· Order birth certificates
· Review restaurant inspection reports
· Look up City's HealthStat Provider Directory

As the City's E-government initiative progresses, New Yorkers can expect even more value through the creation of "Virtual Agencies". These Virtual Agencies will be "constructed" when online information and services from a variety of City agencies are combined to provide the user the ability to obtain City Services from one virtual location -- without ever leaving the comfort of home.

When finally created, the new Virtual Agencies will allow a private citizen or business to use to file applications and permits, which could be electronically duplicated and instantaneously transferred to the appropriate "brick and mortar" Agencies, all of them, and at the same time. In the future, a small business owner needing to open a restaurant, for example, could use to file for health permits, building permits, fire permits, and water permits, just to name a few without the time consuming process of visiting multiple city government offices, reducing their cost and need to hire an outside 'expeditor' to process paperwork at various agencies.

New York City government's early successes with Internet technology is already transforming the way Agencies conduct business and interact with their customers, while supporting and advancing the City's customer service objectives. The new enterprise portal design builds on that success by providing a more direct-access, single entry point or "doorway" to the City's evolving variety of online information and services.

Allan H. Dobrin, Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and the City's Chief Information Officer said, " The new has laid the groundwork for a fundamental paradigm shift in the way government delivers its services, today and for years to come. It will allow City residents and businesses the broadest possible access to government without ever having to go into a government office." Commissioner Dobrin credits the enterprise-wide approach and the support of Mayor Giuliani for the rapid rollout of the portal.

Mayor Giuliani added, "I'm very grateful to all those involved with the successful launch of this critical step towards the City's online future. I would like to thank the staff at the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the Mayor's Office of Operations, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Technology Steering Committee, and all the Commissioners that have worked and will continue to work very hard to make more and more City services available on the Internet.

The new portal was developed with the assistance of two consulting firms. CTGi, inc., based in Oakton, Virginia and the New York City office of Accenture. Together these two firms supported the design and customization of the new portal application and the design, build, and testing of the portal architecture. currently offers over 30,000 pages of content. From May 1999-April 2000, received over 29.8 million pages views. During the same period in 2000-2001, received 49.6 million page views - an increase of 67% in one year.

The new portal is the next generation of the City's already-winning website. New York City's Official World Wide Web Site has been recognized twice in Government Technology Magazine's 'Best of the Web' competition, and has received other national and international technology and design awards.