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Vytra Health Plans

Vytra Health Plans offers New York City employees and retirees an opportunity to access quality healthcare in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. More than 13,000 private practice physicians and provider locations are available in the tri-county service area. Through a strict credentialing process and an ongoing quality assurance program, Vytra Health Plans ensures that members receive the best medical care available.

At the heart of Vytra’s healthcare plan is your Primary Care Physician (PCP). This is a family practitioner or internist or in the case of children, a pediatrician, whom you select from our extensive medical directory. Your PCP coordinates all your healthcare needs. This includes providing routine care, prescribing medication, arranging for referrals to specialists, laboratory testing, X-rays and hospital stays when necessary. When you enroll in Vytra Health Plans, you become a member of a comprehensive health care plan designed to promote good health, as well as the delivery of quality care in times of illness or injury.

Preventive Care - Preventive Care, including physical examinations, is covered through your PCP. You pay $5 for each visit to your PCP. Well-child visits are also covered through PCPs. No co-payment is required for well-child visits for members from birth through 18 that are scheduled within the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Emergency Care - Medically necessary emergency care is covered anywhere in the world. You can call Vytra Health Plans for guidance on emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a $25 co-pay for medically necessary emergency treatment. This is waived if admitted to the hospital.

Specialty Care - In addition to routine medical care, your PCP helps you get the specialty care you need through a large network of participating providers. When specialty services are necessary, your PCP will refer you to the appropriate specialist. Specialist consultations and treatment, short-term physical, occupational or speech therapy, and allergy testing and treatments are provided at $5 per visit.

OB/GYN - Female members also have the option to select a participating Vytra Health Plans Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) who provides care within his/her specialty without a referral from the PCP. Routine exams, mammography and Pap tests are covered with a $5 co-payment.

Maternity care - including prenatal visits, delivery, hospital stay and post-natal care - is covered 100%.

Hospital Coverage - Your admission to any of the tri-county hospitals is based upon your participating physician’s admitting privileges. You will find this information in the Vytra Health Plans medical directory. Hospital services, including pre-admission testing, unlimited room and board in a semiprivate room, physician services for surgery and anesthesiology, prescribed medications and diagnostic services are covered at 100%. Skilled nursing facility care for up to 45 days per calendar year is covered at 100%. Mental health and substance abuse services are also offered.

Health Promotion - Vytra’s commitment to service is demonstrated in various health and wellness programs designed to make staying well easy and convenient. A quarterly wellness magazine, Pulse, provides health, wellness and life-style information, as well as information about your Vytra plan benefits. Wellness Seminars, featuring topic experts, are provided to teach you how to feel well and maintain a healthy life-style. Other health improvement programs include Healthier Living care management, Prime of Our Lives dedicated to women’s health for those over age 45, and Little Stars prenatal and pregnancy management program. Vytra’s Healthy Savings program offers discounts on fitness and health-related services from local Long Island participating businesses. From fitness centers to vision centers, swimming lessons to sailing lessons, over two dozen organizations take part in this discount program.

Prescription Drugs
Vytra Health Plans offers an optional rider for prescription drug coverage that is accepted at over 90% of the pharmacies in the United States. See the Vytra Health Plans medical directory for a complete listing of tri-county area pharmacies. There is a $7 co-pay per prescription (brand and generic) after an annual $50 per person deductible has been met. There is no annual limit.

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For More Information
To speak with a New York City Account Representative, call Vytra Health Plans at (631) 694-6565 or (800) 406-0806, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm or write to:

Vytra Health Plans
Corporate Center
395 North Service Road
Melville, New York 11747-3127
Visit the Plan Web site



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