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Flexible Spending Accounts Program
DeCAP > Forfeiture Rules

A word of caution: Federal regulations require that you use the entire amount in your DeCAP account by the end of each Plan Year (December 31st). If you do not use the entire amount you allocate to your account, you forfeit the unused balance. This is referred to as the "Use It or Lose It" rule.

Before participating in DeCAP, you should carefully consider what your eligible expenses might be. Reviewing your expenses from previous years can help.

Once you have estimated the amount of your expenses, you may then determine how much to contribute to DeCAP.

A Claims Run-Out Period is provided, following the close of the Plan Year, to submit claims for services performed during the previous Plan Year.

You may submit any claims incurred during the Plan Year in which you were a participant in DeCAP as follows:

2014 Claims Deadline: February 28, 2015
2015 Claims Deadline: February 28, 2016

If you overestimate your expenses and contribute more than your actual expenses, or if you do not submit approved claims equaling in total your annual allocation, prior to the end of the Claims Run-Out Period, you will permanently forfeit any unused amounts remaining in your FSA account.

Note: If you participate in both HCFSA and DeCAP, the amount you allocate to one account cannot be transferred to the other.

Read the DeCAP FAQ


Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
EAPs are staffed by professional counselors who can help employees and their eligible dependents handle problems in areas such as stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health, and family difficulties.

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