Letter of Invitation

Dear Participant,

As a member of the Deferred Compensation Plan, you are entitled to a free Retirement Planning seminar.  It discusses the programs, options and services available in the Plan during your working life and throughout your retirement years both for you and your spouse. Programs available through the Deferred Compensation Plan now include the NYCE IRA and the Roth NYCE IRA.

The Deferred Compensation Plan was created for the exclusive benefit of New York City employees. It has grown into the largest local government deferred compensation plan in the country with $8 billion in assets and 140,000 participants. Those numbers translate into strong buying power for you which lets you avoid commission-based, retail investment products offered outside the Plan.

You are a valued Plan participant and we want to make sure that you are making informed decisions and are aware of all the Plan's benefits. There are standing Retirement Planning seminars offered by the Deferred Compensation Plan.  To reserve your space, please send an email to including your name and the date and seminar you want to attend.  The Participant Distribution Guide and Beneficiary Distribution Guide are also available for download without scheduling to attend a seminar.