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The Deferred Compensation Plan offers free educational seminars that are presented by Certified Financial Planners.  Seminars are offered at the Plan's Customer Service Center located at 65 Broadway, 21st Floor, New York, New York 10006.  Pre-registration is required.

Holistic Retirement Planning Seminars

The Deferred Compensation account is only one aspect of the total financial picture as it pertains to retirement planning. In order to have a comfortable retirement, it is necessary to understand how the various components of finances fit together with Deferred Compensation. Each seminar addresses the unique circumstances and benefits for employees of the City of New York.

Participants within five years of retirement are advised to take advantage of the Plan's distribution and retirement seminars in order to learn how to integrate Deferred Compensation into their complete financial plan.

Below is a list of seminars offered by the Plan.  Each of the topics is discussed in relationship to Deferred Compensation:

  • Basics of Diversified Investing - Learn about types of investments, the benefits of diversification and how to avoid common investing traps. 
  • Retirement Planning - Learn what to keep in mind when starting your retirement savings and how Deferred Compensation fits into your retirement goals. (See below for more information and to register online.)
  • Distribution Planning - Learn what payout options you have so you can secure your retirement years with your DCP accounts.
  • Eldercare - Learn about the emotional and practical considerations essential for developing a care plan for you or an elderly relative. 
  • Estate Planning - Learn how assets are transferred, and the different forms of property ownership, to ensure that the maximum value will reach your intended beneficiaries.
  • Money & Credit - Learn how to make a budget and manage your debt during your working years and in retirement.
  • Insurance Planning - Learn how insurance can protect or reduce out exposure to the various risks we face. 
  • Social Security and Medicare - Learn about choices of begin dates and how these interact with Deferred Compensation.
  • Tax Planning - Understand the tax benefits of DCP/NYCE IRA, Flexible Spending Programs (Sept.-Nov. enrollment) which can reduce your current and future income taxes; Tax planning and life events will be highlighted.
  • NYCE IRA - Learn about the New York City Employee (NYCE) Individual Retirement Account and understand how it can be used for consolidation, estate planning, rollovers, and conversions. The NYCE IRA includes both a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA for the exclusive benefit of current and former NYC employees and their spouses.
  • Deferred Compensation Plan Basics - Learn the benefits of participating in the Deferred Compensation Plan. This seminar will go into detail about the differences between the 457 and the 401(k) plans and pre-tax and Roth (after-tax) contributions. An overview of the Plan’s investment options and distribution options will be covered as well. 

View a calendar of upcoming seminar dates and times:

 July Seminar Calendar
 August Seminar Calendar

You must register before the seminar in order to attend.  Seminar duration is approximately 1 hour. Please send an email to including your name and the date and seminar you want to attend.