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Personalized Financial Snapshot Software
Preparing for Your Retirement:
This tool offers employees an introduction to retirement planning and their own printable retirement report. Based on their answers, the program will provide an estimate of how close participants are to meeting their goals and help explore options.

Preparing for Your Retirement

New!  Online Account Computation (Net-Pay Calculator)
The Deferred Compensation Plan Account Computation (Net-Pay Calculator) software allows employees to see how joining the Deferred Compensation Plan or changing their deferral percentage affects their take-home pay, as well as perform a variety of account projection and future value calculations.  This new online version runs from your Web browser and does not require download or installation.

If you have questions about how to use this software, contact the Plan's client service department at (212) 306-7760 to schedule an in-office appointment for a demonstration of  the software.

Online Account Computation (Net-Pay Calculator)

Important Note:
The tax tables used in the Account Computation software are updated annually by the IRS. Therefore, the Account Computation software will be updated annually to reflect these changes.