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 1: What is Flexible Spending?

A) An easy long-term payment plan

B) A payment deferral plan

C) An account you maintain for certain eligible expenses that helps you save money

2: What does DeCAP stand for?

A) Dependent Care Assistance Program

B) Dual Career Assistance Program

C) Driver Competency Assessment Protocol

3: What is the purpose of DeCAP?

A) Helps you take time off to care for your dependents

B) Helps you find care givers for your dependents

C) Helps you pay for care for your dependents with before-tax dollars

4: What kind of benefit can you get from HCFSA?

A) Gives you advice on how to secure a low interest loan

B) Helps you pay for eligible medical expenses for you and your dependents

C) Directs you to the best information about low cost housing

5: What is covered under HCFSA?

A) Housing Costs

B) Deductibles, co-insurance, and eligible out-of-pocket expenses

C) Cosmetic Surgery

6: How much can you save by contributing $2,500 to HCFSA if your gross income is in the range of $35,000-$150,000 and you claim 0-2 dependents?

A) $10-$410.00

B) $411.00-$810.00

C) $811.00-$1,210.00

Open Enrollment Period for the Plan Year 2014 (September 9, 2013-October 18, 2013)